Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Sparta Hilton Part 2

Here we are at the Sparta Hilton (AKA. Hunting shack) again. I haven't been here since Feb. but sweet hubby and Rog & D have. They got a lot done back in March. This time our friends could not go so we took the "honeymooners". Oh when we drove up this is the first thing I saw. I know it is a weed but it stood as tall as me and I thought it was so pretty. I asked sweet hubby not to mow it down. I think he thinks that I am crazy though wanting to keep a weed but it is the prettiest weed that I have ever seen!
Here Maranda is hard at work!!! No, she really did work! It is break time. We asked her what she thought of the Hilton and she said.................."interesting". I guess that is the only word she could think of. She was hilarious.

Here I am helping to unload the trailer. We were hoping to get some carpet on the floor but that didn't happen this time. Our trailer was loaded. See the gate on the trailer? There is a chain across the road with a lock on it but my sweet hubby wanted a gate and it just so happened that we had one down in our pasture at home.
The grass was scraggley (is that a word?) but high so we wanted to mow and weed eat because we sure don't need any snakes around or any other varmints! This area is known for rattlesnakes! (Thanks Rog for the snake repellent. I really appreciate that more than you know!)

Here is sweet hubby and son in law, Lane putting the posts up for the gate.
This is a lot more work than I thought!

Maranda is rolling paint on those rough walls. We don't want to spend much money here and it is a hunting cabin so we are leaving it kind of rough but I did want some of the holes patched. Now if it was a hole on the outside wall we foamed it with that foam that expands. But on the inside walls to cover the cracks and holes we purchased some contact paper that is self adhesive and stuck it on the walls in the bad places and painted right over it. Now that is a way to get the walls looking better without spending much. (please note that we would not do that on our house or one that we flip. You would just have to be here to see how rough this is and it is just a lease.) The guys think it is great. The girls are trying to make it workable!

I don't know why I didn't get a picture of the shed. It is the best part. I brought a swing that I had bought from a yard sale about a year ago and Lane & sweet hubby put it up for me. I LOVE it! Can you tell that we have been working hard???

Well here is the gate that they put up in the driveway. It looks pretty good.

This is the way it is with Father in laws & Son in laws!!!! The SIL sure is sweating but sweet hubby is holding that flash light just right! They are putting up a ceiling fan in what is gonna be our bedroom!!!!

We don't have furniture or carpet yet but I just had to hang this on the door to my bedroom. This is the best looking thing in the Hilton so far. I hung it on the door as soon as the paint was dry. I think they all thought that I was crazy this time!
Thank you to my daughter & son in law for all of the hard work.
We could not have done it without you!
I have to tell you though that when we come here to work we have to drive about 20 miles to a hotel to spend the night. It is the nicest hotel that I have ever stayed in. I wonder when we get the hunting cabin all fixed up if hubby will still drive me to that beautiful hotel! Lol!
Stay tuned for more Sparta Hilton updates as we work on it.


Amelia said...

The Sparta Hilton is just a diamond in the are the jewelers will be just perfect for the hunter and their families...perfect is in the eye of beholder anyway.

I can tell the laughter flowed alot...which is excellent medicine for all.

Hugs from Oklahoma


Allie said...

I love that weed/flower Val, it looks like a great big pink pompom! The place is looking good, love the idea of the contact paper, lol, who cares when it's a hunting lodge and leased at that. The gate is awesome. Your little heart on the doorknob is the perfect touch!

Alice Grace said...

Ah,the comforts of home! A beautiful little decorative door knob pillow! Actually the gate looks fabulous! Sweet Maranda is so beautiful, as usual!

caknitter said...

Lol, I love your Sparta Hilton updates. You and your family are the hardest working family I have ever known. I think the decorative heart looks perfect on the doorknob, too. I'll stay tuned for more. :-)

Marydon Ford said...

The heart says it all ... what a fun project of togetherness ... gonna be a beauty!

Have a great week.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Glenda said...

What fun! Thanks for letting us watch the transformation. Can't wait for Part 3! Also, glad to know you don't use contact paper on your flip houses! :)

Susannah said...

Hi Val...the Sparta Hilton is looking good. I hope that you continue to show us the is all very interesting.

I am totally in love with your beautiful weed. It is gorgeous!

Your daughter seems so smiley and happy...just like you.

And last, the gate looks perfect in the shadows of the woods.


Michelle said...

Oh, what fun! I SO enjoyed the tour, and can't wait to see more! You all put in a lot of hard work, and when it is all finished, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor SO MUCH (and you look back at pictures,not the difference, shake your head and say, 'Now WHAT were we thinking?'
That is what we say when we look at pictures of our house!)

The value of the cabin will be about triple! Good job everyone!
be blessed,

Anonymous said...

Looks like you will be enjoying many recreational hours there - once you get the Hilton all spruced up to your liking. Good work!

Connie said...

Thanks for kepting us posted on you project, like the little door hanger, the family is having fun and that is a good thing! Have A GREAT DAY!

Patty said...

Looks like all yor hard work is starting to pay off, you all look like you're having a great time.

Shauna said...

What fun!

Pat said...

Yes...this is a diamond in the rough, but you will have many happy times here, I'm sure (and have already started doing so, it seems).