Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Know How Granny Felt Now

This is my oldest granddaughter, "Sweet Teen". She came over today with her arm full of what all she had been sewing. Here she is working on the binding for a quilt she is making.
Here she is sewing the binding on. She LOVES my Singer 401A!!!
If she keeps on like this I will probably have to get her one!!

I am sure no expert but we are trying to sandwich a quilt together that she made all on her own for her little brother.
Here she is with all 3 quilts that she has made. She has the 2 little ones quilted but doesn't have the binding on yet. Then the one to the left is the one for her brother. He loves Georgia Bulldogs so she made this quilt for his birthday. He is 7 years old.

Didn't she do a great job? She did this all by herself. All I did was help her put the 3 layers together today and she will take it home and quilt it.

She made this one by herself too except the binding and we worked on it today.
I am not a binding person. I will probably learn from "sweet teen".
We tried several ways but we think Granny was the smart one. She had her own way.
This is her first quilt. She made this at my house. She still has to bind it also.

And you have just got to see these baby booties that she made all by herself.
I had no idea that she could do this.
Now I know how Granny felt when I became interested in making quilts.
The one thing that Granny asked of me was to keep making quilts and teach my grandchildren.
Granny was so proud of me and I am so proud of my granddaughter!
Granny would be proud of her great great granddaughter too!


Granny J said...

What a great legacy Granny left for her family. I hope the quilting tradition continues to carry down through the generations. I know how proud you must be and how proud Granny would be. Sweet Teen does a great job. I especially love the picture of the last quilt.

Amelia said...

Oh Granny would have been so happy and proud too...just as you are right now.

Sweet Teen did a remarkable job...she should be proud.

Alice Grace said...

Oh my goodness! Sweet Teen has done beautiful work! I am so very proud of her! I like all her quilts but the one for Brother is stunning! Beautiful work, and you will never regret the time you are spending with her passing on the legacy! How wonderful!

Sherry said...

Yes Grny would be proud of you both.I can't wait for the day that my great niece comes to me to teach her how to quilt. She's 6 now and we do crafts but she is afraid of the machine right now but were getting there.
Sweet teen you did a great job.

Pat said...

Yes.....Granny IS proud of both of you.....what a very special young lady you have in that granddaughter of yours!

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful that your sweet granddaughter loves her brother so much and wants to give him a life time gift of a quilt! He will have it forever and be able to pass it to his kids! You and Granny have blessed the next generations by your love for quilting! Very GOOD POST!!!

Needled Mom said...

What a thrill, Val, to have her doing all of this sewing. I know it will bring her a lifetime of happiness and a great satisfaction. Granny is so proud!!!

Michelle said...

Wonderful, in every aspect. Sweet teen should be proud, as you are of her and her talents. Enjoy the times together. There is nothing better!

Glenda said...

What an accomplished teenager your granddaughter is! I know you are very proud of her. I learned to sew when I was thirteen and it's been a lifelong love. It's a skill that will come in handy all of "sweet teen's" life. Granny would be proud!

Susannah said...

Hi Val, How cute is "Sweet Teen"? She is so pretty. Aren't you two having a wonderful time together? I'm sure that Granny has a huge smile on her face!

What are you making, Val?


Heidi said...

I love this story. She did a great job! What a sweet gift from a sister to her brother too. He will cherish it always!

Ruth said...

what a lovely of family tradition...the quilt of love that binds all generations...


Jan said...

That is overwhelming, that your granddaughter is so industrious.
Beautiful quilts.
Hugs and Blessings - Jan

AmyW said...

What a talented girl! It must run in the genes :)

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

How sweet that they two of you can share this time together. You are right. Granny looked forward to your visits, and now you do too with Sweet Teen. Great time to encourage her.

Rhonda said...

thank you for sharing this sweet sewing story, yes Granny would be very proud,

Real Life Reslers said...

Those quilts and booties are super cute! I can't believe you have a grandchild that is a teenager! You look too young.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Val our goal should definitely be passing on the old crafts. I would hate to think they get lost because we don't take the time with the children. I had a lady say earlier this week that she's "not a teacher" when an 11 year old wanted to learn, but she made the effort and by Wednesday was bragging on that 11 year old and all she had learned. :) blessings, marlene

webbsway said...

O Valerie -
How rich your blog is - just brimming over with treasures! You have so much to rejoice in that it is hard to realize them all!

O, to have a granddaughter partake in a sewing adventure and share with you is remarkable! What beautiful memories ! (you might want to take a piece of advice that my dear friend/teacher , Lynne shared with me . She told me to take pictures and save as a memory book! That was one of the greatest pieces of advice -because I followed through and now I love looking back , remembering the projects and thrilling to the lessons that I have tackled. I Know all of this was possible because of Lynne.)There is an old saying - "When the Student is ready - the Teacher will come) I held onto this thought for many years. :)

I Totally ADORED those little baby booties that Sweet Teen made! I have been looking for something like that! If she is this good now - watch out when she is Granny's age!

When I looked back at the pictures of the canna - I had to laugh because I have some cannas also and I came to N.C. to get them! LOL - Isn't that a kick in the teeth!!!!!!!!! LOL

I used to tell everybody that every time I get two pennies that I come to N.C. to spend them because it always feels like going home.( I have often wondered if it was because my Granddaddy was from there!:)

Kim said...

So pretty and so talented too! Granny would have been so happy, just like I know you are too. She is precious

Brenda said...

Triston's work of love is absolutely beautiful! Wow. What a great sense of accomplishment you and she must feel!! Love Always, Brenda

Thearica said...

Val...You have a special blessing so enjoy it to the fullest! I wish I lived close enough for my granddaughter to come over for play dates. :)

Granny is surely smiling down from heaven on your granddaughter and you...She has left a legacy that you both will carry on for years to come.

The quilts are fabulous and she should be so very proud of herself! :)

Allie said...

Granny would surely be proud - what a wonderful legacy she has left her family!