Monday, August 30, 2010

Breakfast At The Sparta Hilton Part 5a

This is the first time that we actually spent the night at the Sparta Hilton.
My Sweet Honey, me, & Josh (one of our hunting buddy's sons) stayed. Rog, D., & Jeremy went to the Marriott for the night. Our bedroom is ready but theirs is not. Here is Josh starting me a fire so we could cook a breakfast on it. He is our professional fire starter!
Josh & Sweet Honey were heading to the woods to start planting food plots.
Here I am in my P.J.'s peeling potatoes to start our breakfast. I was having a ball. This is almost like camping. We have a kitchen but we love being outside. Do you notice the bowl that the potatoes are in? It was Granny's. Granny had told everyone a long time ago that this pan was mine. She did everything in this pan. The other bowl is one of many that my Mother gave me. Do you see the little grill in the background. I found it at one of my houses that I clean. They had left it so we cleaned it up and painted it. Potatoes cooking on the fire.

Bacon and sausage cooking on the fire.
We had already cooked some deer tenderloin.

D. came and cooked the best fried eggs ever!
She scrambled a pan full too.
Along with all of the meat & fried potatoes & eggs, we had gravy & biscuits
and some great Apple cinnamon bread that I had bought in Ellijay, Ga. at an apple house.
The guys came in from the deer woods and were ready to eat.

From left to right my sweet honey (red shirt), Rog & D (our hunting buddies) and this is Jeremy. This is Jeremy's first time to come to the Sparta Hilton. Josh and Jeremy are twins even though they don't look anything alike. Jeremy isn't too sure what he thinks about our little shack-- I mean Sparta Hilton!

We are going to fix us a place to wash our dishes outside but for now these totes worked fine.
The best part of our little place is the shed outside so that is why we love to be outside instead of inside. D. sure is working hard.
More pans? Considering D. & I never knew each other before our honeys got together hunting we sure do work good together. We have so much fun.

I just had to show you our swing. Notice the pots with the plants in them!
Don't they look so pretty and green? There is a reason why. I tried planting some flowers but we are not there enough to keep it all watered so they just would not grow. But my Mom came to the rescue and gave us lots of artificial vines. They look great! Before we left everyone kidded about someone watering the plants!

This is after breakfast and all cleaned up. The table and chairs were given to me by my Aunt and Uncle. I think I have showed you those before. We brought them down the last time we were here.

D was determined that we were roasting marshmellows sometime on the trip.

And we did..... and they were great!
Notice in the title that this is just part of our trip. I will post the rest tomorrow.
We had such a good time. We still worked this time but it is getting better and better. We are expecting next time to be more games and movie time for the girls & hunting for the guys! We can't wait until more of our family come and check out our little getaway! It is very rustic but we had so much fun fixing it up. D & I were talking about the work and saying that it was almost like playing house. I guess the little girls in us are coming out.
It is so much fun to have friends that you are comfortable with. We are having a ball. We love it!
Stay tuned to see more tomorrow!


Amelia said...

Fun time, wasn't it?

Being out in the wide open just makes food taste so much better...Was the temperature agreeable, sure hope so.

Granny J said...

That looks like such a fabulous setup for eating outdoors. You even have the overhead beams to hang candle holders or lanterns. Looks like a great place to spend some quality time.

Allie said...

This is wonderful Val, you've done such good work here! It's looks like a great place to enjoy good company and the great outdoors!

Needled Mom said...

Boy....I can almost smell and taste that fabulous breakfast. Somehow it always smells and tastes best when you are cooking it outdoors. I must say that the Hilton beats camping because you have a soft bed. I really have a tough time sleeping in a bag on the hard ground these days.

Lori said...

I think your lil Hilton is wonderful even if Jeremy isn't so sure and nothing beats a breakfast cooked outside over a fire!

Patty said...

Looks like you've got a little treasure there in the woods.

Michelle said...

Love it!

Alice Grace said...

I think the best food I ever had was once when we went to the Smoky Mtns. when you were all little, and cooked breakfast by the creek on the fire. Something about being outside and cooking good food and enjoying it with friends is wonderful.

Connie said...

Looks like so much fun... I could smell the food! Outside cooking the food is so good. We use to go camping and it was so much fun. Love your story on the sparta camp site. Have a great day!

Glenda said...

It looks like so much fun! It kind of reminds me of the children's book series "The Boxcar Children". Remember that one?They had so much fun setting up house in their boxcar. I love the outdoor eating arrangement. You don't even have to sweep up the crumbs!