Saturday, August 21, 2010

More Coupon Deals

Coupons cut and sale papers ready to go.
"Little D" is ready to go deal shopping with all of those coupons!
Here he is reaching up to me on a day when I have a terrible back ache but how can you resist this?
Who would ever have thought that my daughters would be teaching me how to shop with coupons? I used to be the coupon queen when my kids were small but it is different now. So here we go to Rite Aid.
This is what I came out with after May May showed me how to get something for almost nothing. Check out that Ace cold compress. We got that for $.29 and I needed it for my back.
Here is my final receipt. I paid out of pocket 11.64. When we went home we went straight to the computer and will receive 9.99 in Single rebate checks and on top of that I received $3 in up rewards to use towards my next purchase there. So actually you can say that this is a money maker.
Then May May said, Watch this. So I did. This is a huge jar of honey almond body butter!
She had a 6.00 coupon on this and only paid 41 cents! I have bought this from another company before and paid over 20.00 for it....never again.
So I asked May May, "Would you have purchased this anyway without the coupon?" She said no. But what a nice little gift for someone at Christmas! Are my girls smart or what?
I actually went back and did this myself. Amazing.
May May also did this transaction. And she said she needed toothbrushes.
She had a coupon for Buy one, get one free and paid a total of $2.41 with tax. In return she recieved $3.00 in up rewards for her next purchase on something. Another money maker.
Here is the first deal that May May ever showed me. It was from Krogers.
She had a coupon for 3.00 and they had this Buy One Get One free!
33 cents???? Wow.
So here I am at Krogers on my own with coupons in hand.
This is what I came out with. I normally spend 100.00-150.00 and my buggy looks about the same.
Look at all of this stuff I bought!
I saved over 42.00 in coupons (scanned and manufactuer coupons). This is the second week that I have spent less than 50.00 on groceries. I am sold on this coupon thing! Don't get me wrong. It does take time and is a job but it is worth it!
This is my grocery stash after only 2 weeks doing this coupon thing. My stash is extras. It does not count what is in my freezer, refrig, and pantry. I have 8 packages of cheddar cheese in my freezer. I have my cabinets & freezer full. These are things that I would have never had extra. Look at all that detergent at the top. O.K. "Big Sis"......we are waiting on your deals! I will keep showing you my grocery stash as it grows! I am so excited because tomorrow the Sunday paper comes out with all of those coupons!


Allie said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I need to go find some coupons!!!!!!! This is amazing!

Granny J said...

You did great. I am starting to use more coupons but nothing compared to the deals you and May May did this week.

Real Life Reslers said...

Wow! Maybe I should stop throwing away some of the coupons that come in the mail.

Patty said...

Good shopping.

Darla said...

Great job!!

Needled Mom said...

Great job, Val. It does take a lot of organization to make out so well, but well worth it.