Monday, August 9, 2010

Second Chances

I just thought that I would show you what was on Sweet Teens bed.
ST made the Annie Doll in the middle and the elephant on the left. You saw the bunny on the right side the other day on my blog. It was made about 15 years ago for ST by my best friend Vicki. She reminded me the other day that the bunny is made from a shirt that she used to wear. Vicki told me that when she held ST when she was a baby that she would just stare at it and point and feel of it. I loved rehearsing that story so I thought I would pass it on.
And now Sweet Teen is sewing up a storm herself, 15 years later.
Look at these little booties, burp cloth and bib to match. The booties are my very favorite.
Doesn't she do a good job?

I know that I talk about my grandchildren all the time but this is one proud Gran!
I went to pick the grands up the other day and they had been sewing. Just look at all of this.
There are bibs, burp cloths, pillows, my quilt, cell phone holders, wallet and a pin cushion.

Sweet Teen made this quilt "just for me"!
I could not believe what a good job she did all on her own.
I will treasure this forever.
Just look at this! Isn't it beautiful?
Thank you Sweet Teen!

And look at Angel. Sweet Teen is teaching her to sew too!
Look at this little pillow.
She did such a great job. 10 years old and sewing! Wow.
This is a pillow, bib, and burp cloth to match.
I can't help myself. I am so proud.
I could not believe this! The left one is a wallet ST made for Angel.
The middle one is a cell phone holder and the other is for the ipod!

Angel made this pin cushion too!
While I was bragging on the girls.....Brother kept saying GRAN, GRAN, GRAN!
I finally said, What Brother?
He said, come and see what I made!
So here we go upstairs!

He said, "See Gran, I made these wrestlers and they have big muscles on their shoulders!"
I laughed and laughed. Kids are so sweet! I told Brother that he did a great job!!
I can't help grands are amazing!

When my children were small it seemed that I was always so busy since I had 4 children. My Mom had always told me how she played with us when we were small. I can remember popcorn after school, hot chocolate on snow days, paper dolls and Barbie's. Looking back when I was raising my children I wish I had played more. It seemed I was always in a rush. If I could go back I would hug them more. I wish I had knew how fast time would go and they would be all grown up so soon. That might be why I enjoy my Grands so much. I love being a Gran! It is like my second chance. Sometimes I wish I could fix everything for my children when things go wrong but when they are grown it is time to let them go. I have always wanted to rescue them from any hurt but then there comes a day when you realize that the only way that they can find their way is to make their own mistakes and learn from them. Love them. Play with them. Talk to them. Listen to them. Have fun and treasure every moment because before you blink your eyes they will be grown. My hearts desire was to be a good wife and a good mother and now a good grandmother. When my children were small I had a frame that I cross stitched that said:
I hope my children look back on today
And see a Mother who had time to play.
There will be years for cleaning and cooking
For children grow up while we're not looking.


Granny J said...

It's obvious that you were a wonderful mother and now you're a wonderful grandmother. You have great reason to be proud of Angel and Sweet Teen. That quilt ST made is beautiful. She is certainly doing a great job.

Pat said...

Oh...I SO agree with everything Granny J said in HER comment!!!

Amelia said...

Wonderful grandchildren...they followed the footsteps of their parents and grandparents, and of course the great grandparents...those genes are fabulous!

Alice Grace said...

I am so proud of you, and of your wonderful grandchildren! Even Brother did a good job telling you about those wrestlers! LOL! The wallet, Ipod holder, and cell phone cover are great, the booties and bibs and burpcloths are wonderful, Angel's pin cushion and all the things she has made are great, also,and the quilt is really gorgeous! You have done a wonderful job as a Mother and a grandmother!

Michelle said...

You have every right to be proud. Love all the projects, but that quilt is beautiful!

Needled Mom said...

So true, Val. I just wish I could convince every frustrated mom of that same fact.

The girls are doing such a wonderful job with their sewing. It will be a lifelong love for them.

Allie said...

Wow - Sweet Teen is really taking off with her sewing! Those booties are too sweet, and I love the quilt she made for you, wow! Angel is really taking off too. LOL'd at what Brother said...he's too cute.

Val, you're right, they grow up so fast. I'm so thankful I homeschooled, so thankful that I made time every day to get dirty and messy and laugh with my boys - but it never, ever seems like you did enough. By the time they're grown, you're looking back and wishing it wasn't over yet. I think you were a wonderful mum, it shows in how close your family is and the love you have for each other shines through every post.

I'm looking forward to grandchildren. All the fun and no fuss. You get to do the fun stuff then hand them back when a diaper needs changing.

Mama Pea said...

I think when we all look back on our child rearing years it's the mistakes we made or the never having enough time that jump out at us. We need to try to remember all the things we did right more often. Maybe we don't remember those times as vividly because there's no reason to want a do-over on all the good stuff!

You're so blessed to have your grandchildren. What a lot of love and enjoyment they must bring to this phase of your life.

caknitter said...

Wow, you have the best grankids!
The quilt is beautiful. I love the way she organized the different prints, very artistic.
Your snippet from the heart says it all. Enjoy your grans. :-)

andsewon said...

Sweet Teen is doing wonderful at her sewing! I bet she would enjoy a class at the local quilt shop! Lil Angel is coming right along too. How cute is Brother wanting to show his Grandma his 'work' as well..what a doll he is! You are so blessed to have your children and grandchildren so close around you. Yes the time goes away faster than we think.

Heidi said...

Love this post Val! And I'm going to print that little poem and hang it on my fridge!!!

Sherry said...

You know what I came from not the best home and a mother that wanted nothing to do with us for many years. But I have to say the things I remember are the good things. Both my parents have died and I ahve to say I really try to remember all the good things.
One thing I have always said is my parents did the best with what they did this is what they learned.

Glenda said...

You are giving your grandkids so many great memories and I'm sure your kids feel like you were the best mom around when they were growing up! ST and Angel are really doing a great job with their sewing. Maybe your dad needs to take brother under his wing and help him sew some "manly" things. :)

quiltingnana said...

what cute girls ....and creative ones....they must have a good role model