Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quilt Store Makes It All Better

We just returned from a trip to St. Augustine, Florida.
We went with one of my daughters, "Trouble" and granddaughter "Angel" and my

I was sick with vertigo and a sinus infection most of the time but my "Sweet Mom" decided that she knew what would make me feel better. She was right.

She surprised me by finding this quilt store in St. Augustine.

Aren't these beautiful quilts?

We had a lot of fun. We ate lots of good food and enjoyed being together.

Everyone is so busy all the time. This is a trip to just slow down and enjoy each other.
Is my Mom the sweetest thing or what?
She always thinks of others and today she was thinking of me.
This was back in the classroom.

I love visiting different quilt shops just to get different ideas and see what others are doing.
Maybe one day I will get back to quilting.
On our 8 hour drive to St. Augustine and back we had some great discussions.
My "sweet honey" was the driver most of the time. We love to hear things about my Mother's growing up. There is a lot we don't know. I do know that I sure do love my Mother.
I enjoyed my time with her and my family even when we weren't doing anything.
Sometimes Mom would be reading a book, my Honey would be watching a ball game, my daughter & granddaughter would be studying and I would be on computer but we still had a great time.
The lady at the store was so nice and told us about some things that were going on in St. Augustine that night.
I wasn't much fun on this trip but I am feeling better now.
I came home and went to bed and stayed all day yesterday.
About 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed as having vertigo. I didn't have it too bad and it was mainly at night when I turned my head. Then right before we left for our trip I went to the beauty shop and got my hair cut. I knew when I laid my head back to get it washed that I didn't feel right.
After getting my hair washed, dried and cut and then blown dry.......I was so sick. I think when she did my hair it really got the vertigo going. Then came the sinus infection. Well the main thing is I am getting better now. It sure makes you feel thankful to have your health.
This is the first quilt that I saw when we walked in the quilt store. We enjoyed a lot of things on our trip but this was my favorite thing. The Quilt store and my Mom made it all better! My Mom is the most giving, sharing, loving woman I know. Thank you Mom for thinking of me. You are a true example of what a Godly woman is. Thank you for being you.


Amelia said...

Hope you are definitely on the mend...feeling bad is not fun at all. The quilts are so pretty - certainly some talent and work involved in them.

Alice Grace said...

We had a great time together, all of us. I am sorry you felt so bad, but hopefully you will get better now.
You give me way too much credit. We all love being together.

Allie said...

Oh sweetie - saying a prayer for you right now!! I'm sorry you were so sick most of the time but it looks like that quilt shop would cheer anyone up - WOW I love the quilts there!
I hope you're feeling back to normal soon, the worst vertigo I ever had was when I got strep throat and it started in my ears. I ended up crawling home from work! Are you on antibiotics?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you have felt so bad. I hope you continue to improve. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos of quilts. Your Mom is really a blessing to you and you to her!

Susannah said...

Those quilts are fantastic....the colors are so pretty....and what work!

Moms make everything feel better. But I sincerely hope you feel better very soon. We were on a little vacation a couple of weeks ago. We went to the Adirondack Mountains in New York. I was feeling poorly the whole time. When home, the Doc diagnosed me with bronchitis and a sinus infection,,,but my ears were bothering me, too. It is so good to feel better!

Try to rest. You will be your old self soon.

Needled Mom said...

A quilt store always perks me up too. It was so sweet of your mom to suggest such an idea. It looks wonderful too.

We love St. Augustine. We purchased some dishes from the pottery store there the last time we visited and I am reminded of the trip each time we use them.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Connie said...

Hope you ar feeling better, the quilts are very pretty, but the best time is being with your mom and family. Thanks for your comment! FEEL BETTER and have a greatday!

Granny J said...

Hope you're back to 100% soon. It's no fun having sinus problems. I love the quilted "OPEN" sign in the window of the quilt shop. So cute.

St. Augustine is one of my favorite cities to visit when I go to Florida.

Lori said...

Quilts do make everything better, don't they? Whether we're snuggling under them, workingon them or looking at's all good! I feel for you with the vertigo. I have meniere's disease and when that flares up the dizziness can be terribly debilitating. Hope you're better soon!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilts.

I made my first pajama shorts. I actually made two. I wear them to bed every night. I am so happy with them. I should probably make some pants soon as it the weather will start getting cold. Hope you'll come take a look. By the way, I am turning 10 this weekend.


Real Life Reslers said...

I loved the crazy quilt. I hope your sinuses are better!

PEA said...

I was diagnosed with vertigo about 8 years ago and I've had to learn not to turn my head a certain way and not to tilt my head back, otherwise the world starts spinning. I sympathize with you because it's sure not fun:-(

I'm so glad you were able to get away, though, with your mom and family and have such a lovely time. I can well imagine how thrilled you were to go to that quilting store:-) Beautiful quilts indeed, so much talent in this world.

Hope you feel better real soon my friend. xoxo

Love Bears All Things said...

Sounds like a very togetherness kind of trip. I've always wanted to visit there.
I suffer from vertigo myself. A condition called Meniere's Syndrome.So I know just how you felt. Not fun at all.
I like the crazy quilt best. I have one started. Its another of my UFOs.
Mama Bear

Pat said...

What wonderful quilts...and I'm glad your mom found something to make you feel a bit better. Too bad you had to feel that sick, though.

Patty said...

Feel better Val, Moms are wonderful, they always seem to know how to fix things.