Monday, September 27, 2010

A Secret Place & A Fun Meme

This is a place that used to be a store.
Now it is just collections.
I asked my friend if I could take pictures and he agreed.
I thought you might enjoy this little secret place.

Look at all of these little Pez Candy containers.  Amazing.
One time when I was ebaying I bought a container that I loved.
When I got home we opened it and it had Pez Candy toys in it.
We sold them on ebay!  I was amazed what people will pay for these.

If there is a sewing machine around, you know I will get a picture of it.

I LOVE this little clock.

Usually it is the women that like to shop but my friend told me that shopping for things like this was his passion.

 This is not just a piece of furniture.
This opens up with a sewing table that pops out and lots of storage.
It even has places for your thread.

More collections.

I think this is McCoy!

Amazing that someone has this much stuff.
This is not in his home. This is in a separate building.
This is what I really wanted a picture of but when he allowed me to take other pictures I was thrilled.
He built this bird feeder.  Is this not something?

His yard is in tiers.  This looks like a stairway to heaven.
When you get to the top you will see lots of grapevines, azalias, roses, hostas. and lots more.

 Another bird house.
Looking up from the stairway.
I think they love birds!

This is a barrel that he collects the rain water so he can water all of his plants.

Another view looking up.

Benches & Swings are everywhere.

There are also angels everywhere.
This is just a little piece of heaven.
I thought you would enjoy seeing all of this.
The owner told me that this is his secret place.

I have been tagged by Mama Bear to answer her questions. Then I am suppose to pick 8 new questions and pick 8 people to participate.  This was fun. Thank you for including me!

What to you is the greatest benefit you receive from blogging?  I discovered blogs a few years ago.  I immediately thought of my Mom because she has so much to share.  I asked her if she would start one for her children and she said that she would, if I would.  I never knew that I would love it like I do.  I have made many new friends even though we may never meet on this side of life.  When your everyday friends are too busy to talk or visit (which is just the way life is), I can always go and visit my blogging friends!  I love learning and I love friendship.  There are so many people that have so much to share.  I just love blogging.

What was your childhood nickname? How did you get it?  Are you still called that now?
Beth.  It is actually short for my middle name. Elizabeth. Yes, I am still called that now by family.

Miracle Whip or Mayonaise?  Mayo!

What is your favorite season and why? This is a hard one. I love fall because of the cool weather and slowing down in life.  I love spring because it seems like a new beginnng and life.

When you are sick, do you like a lot of attention and pampering or do you like to be left alone? 
Sometimes both.

Share one pleasant childhood memory. Coming home on a cold winters day from school and my MOM having hot chocolate and popcorn waiting on us.

Share a time that a hymn has ministered to you in a special way.
Just the other day we were at Dollywood in Gatlinburg and I watched a video of Dottie Rambo and heard her story of how she wrote the song WE SHALL BEHOLD HIM.  She wrote this song in a car in 7 minutes in 7 miles while looking at a sunset that she said God placed before her.  Dottie was good friends with some of our best friends. She passed away not too long ago in a bus accident.  If you have never heard of her you need to read her story.  She was and is still a blessing.  We were priveliged to meet her several times.

Describe your favorite coffee mug. Why do you like it?
We have 2 Starbucks coffee mugs. I love them because they were given to us as a gift by a very good blogging friend, Martha! She also knitted me 2 scarves and sent them to me.  See why I love blogging!

Here are my questions for My Mom, Cathy, Granny J, Amelia, Mildred, Connie, Sherry, Michelle!
If any of you do not want to participate that is fine. 
 Just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you. 

1. Do you prefer hand washing dishes or the dishwasher?
2.  Rainy days or sunny days?
3.  Do you have a hobby and what is it?
4.  Are you a shopper?
5.  If you could do one thing in your life no matter what it costs, what would you do?
6.  Do you have a certain "wash" day (laundry day) like Granny did?
7. Do you have a simple recipe that you love and would you share it with us?
8.  Who are YOU?  The real YOU?  The one that only YOU know.

If anyone leaving a comment would like to answer these questions, leave answers in your comment. This is a lot of fun.


Darla said...

oh how I would love to nose around his place!

Granny J said...

I loved the tour. Would love to have that cabinet for my sewing room.

I'll answer the questions on my blog. Thanks for thinking of me.

Becca's Dirt said...

Would have a field day at that this place. Oh Dottie Rambo. What a fabulous and gifted singer. I always feel like shouting when I hear her and the family sing. I like the Gaithers too. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

The old Singer you took a picture of is exactly like mine! You can see it on my blog. It is a 1938!

dusty&mandy said...

1) dishwasher
2) sunny days
3) going to the lake and lately, couponing
4)I LOVE to shop
5)Travel, travel, and travel
6)I wash whenever I get a second
7)Breakfast casserol- eggs, milk, green pepper, milk, sausage, cheese, salt, pepper, bread = YUMMY!
8) I am many things and want to be MUCH more...someone who loves to wake up to my baby rather than an alarm, someone who is not lazy, someone who wants to make a difference and experience wonderful adventures with my family and someone who loves friends and family!

Allie said...

Wow I would dearly love to visit this place - so beautiful!!! And wow what a lot of treasures.

Alice Grace said...

That looks like a lovely place to visit.
1. Dishwasher of course!
2. I love rainy days
3. Hobby? Sewing, reading
4. shopper? NO!
5. One thing I would love to do is travel and never have to work at a job again that I have to be there at a certain time and stay a certain amount of time.
6. Certain wash day? No
7. Simple recipe? Buy bread mix, put it in the bread maker and turn on. When done, turn out, butter and eat while hot.
8. Who am I? I am a mother of 3 wonderful daughters and grand mother to 8 wonderful grandchildren and great grandmother to 4.

snoring solutions said...

I always feel like shouting when I hear her and the family sing.This link might be more helpful.

Midlife Mom said...

What a fabulous place to visit! I saw all sorts of things that I would love to have in my house! ha! Great pictures Val!!

1. dishwasher
2. sunny
3. There's not room to list them all!!
4. I admit it, I'm a shopper.
5. I would start a horse rescue.
6. nope, everyday is wash day.
7. yes, check my next post--molasses cookies
8. I'm still learning but know I'm a child of the King!

Love Bears All Things said...

Valerie, thanks for playing along but you didn't answer the questions I had for answered the ones I was tagged with...let me go see if the others are on the post.
I love this place you visited.
Mama Bear

Sue said...

What an amazing place to visit. Thanks for sharing.

Connie said...

hi. enjoy your tour today! meme
1 depend on how many dishes i have don't mind washing them!
2Sunny day!
3 love sewing!
4 don't like to shop unless it is at a fabric shop!
5 i'm really just a home person very satfied!
6 I do it on any day except Sunday, but when the kid was small it was was on wed. and iron Thrusday!
7 bar q chickren, chichen breast, brown sugar, bar q sauce and a can of coke, easy fast and very good!
8 like doing many thing, mostly spending time with the family having Sunday dinner and having the grandchildren! Enjoy blogging when i have time and being in my sewing and having quiet with time with my hubby! a little about me. have a great day!

caknitter said...

Questions like these are always fun to read because you get to know someone a little better. I'm glad you like the mugs and scarves come in handy soon.
My favorite Q&A was the popcorn and hot chocolate your mom made and waiting for you when you came home from school. Aw.

PEA said...

Oh my, I thought that was a little shop of treasures at first but now I see it's a personal collection! Wow, I'd love to spend the whole day there just admiring everything:-) xoxo