Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Day At Our House

I am not much on coffee unless I am cold but "Sweet Hunter"
 likes to have it on the weekends before going deer hunting.
On weekdays he goes through the drive thru at McDonalds and gets the senior coffee!
I remember the first time he realized that he could get the "senior" coffee.  The speaker was tore up and he drove to the window and asked them for a cup of coffee.  Usually he paid around 80 cents for it.  The girl handed it to him and said "46 cents please." 
He said "why is it cheaper?"  She said "you asked for a "senior" coffee didn't you?"  He said "I guess I did.  How old do you have to be?"  She said "55."  He called me and asked me how in this world did she know how old he was!!! It was hilarious! 

After "Sweet Hunter" goes deer hunting he usually comes home to a breakfast like this.
Deer Tenderloin
Biscuits and gravy
Cheese eggs
Cooked apples
Is he spoiled or what??? I love it though.

I have been wanting to buy a "WII" for a while. 
 The grands got out of school early the other day so we just went and did it.
"Angel" loved it too even though they have all this at home.  There is just something special about having it at Gran's house.

"Brother" would get so aggravated if he didn't bowl as good as he wanted to.
He decided that we needed to play teams and he wanted to be on my team!!!
He is pretty smart, huh?

"Sweet Teen" even gave up her texting for a while and played with us!

Gran even gets hugs for buying the wii!
It is so much fun.  That made it worth it all!

"Brother" loved being on my team! 
He gave hugs everytime we won!
He said he liked winning.

They made a Gran and a Paw Paw Mii (I think that a Mii is a Wii person).
They got the biggest kick out of making Paw Paw's!
Looks just like him.  Now does he look like a "Senior" Coffee man to you?? (lol)

Then Paw Paw ( better known as "Sweet Hunter") came home
 and got the biggest kick out of that Mii they made for him. 

Our den was a disaster when the grands were here! 
As you can see when it came to the sword fighting....
Brother got serious!  Shirt & shoes had to come off.
He is so funny!

Then my dad came by to show us a quilt top that he made.
I think it is the prettiest one yet.
"Sweet Teen" was showing him pictures in her phone of a baby quilt that she just made.

Isn't this pretty?
I am so glad that he is back to quilting again.
It took him a while to get back at it after Granny left us.
Granny would want him too. She always told me that it keeps your mind busy.
Speaking of Granny.......Tomorrow is her birthday!
So there will be a special post just for Granny tomorrow.
I do most of my posts at night so it will probably show up on Monday.
I bet there will be a big birthday party in Heaven tomorrow.
She is Gone but is not forgotten. 
Stay Tuned.....


Anonymous said...

That is too cute about your husband and the senior coffee. That breakfast looks delicious!
John enjoys playing Wii and it is funny to see his version of all the family! Your dad's quilt is really pretty and Granny would be so happy that he is quilting again. May God bless each of you as you cherish your memories on her birthday.

Susannah said...

Hi Val, you and your family are just too cute! How lucky we are to have such wonderful grandchildren! Isn't it fun?

I am so very glad to see your Dad getting back into making quilts. We all have to have something to keep our minds and hands busy.

Hope all else is well with you!


Anonymous said...

You all sure have FUN at your house! :) Your Dad's quilt top is really nice! You can tell he misses his mom...just like I still miss mine! Happy early Birthday to Granny! She must be having a blessed time now with Jesus~~~~~~

Michelle said...

Loved seeing pictures of your family. You will have to let us know how you like the WII. A lot of people do it in place of exercise. Would it work? I know there is WII Fit, but I would rather do something fun!

Allie said...

Ah senior coffee -I'm almost there, lol! Have fun with the Wii, I threw my arm out on the bowling, lol. Your dad's quilt is very pretty - so glad to see him quilting again.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

YES senior coffee at McDonalds. We all deserve it :-) Fun day. Looking forward to your post about Granny. We all still miss her sweet face.

Granny J said...

McDonalds is my husband's favorite place to go for breakfast. He also loves getting the senior coffee.

I'm glad your dad is back to quilting. I know Granny would be proud of him. I love the new quilt top. Will he also quilt and bind it?

Pat said...

I'm glad you had such Wii fun with the grands. Granny surely is NOT forgotten...thanks to the many wonderful blog posts by her terrific granddaughter (which would be YOU).

Marydon said...

G'morn, Valerie ~
WII is fun, I even enjoy it, sort of with the kid-lings.

Ohhh, poor Bambi ...

Love that Dad quilts ... you are such a joy to see following in Granny's footsteps ... how is sweet teen coming along in her quilting.

Have a blessed day ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Needled Mom said...

I love your McDs story. The first time it happened to us was when we stopped on a road trip for a couple of Cokes. The price was SO low and we thought it was the area where we stopped. When we got in the car we looked at the receipt and it said "2 senior Cokes". We looked at each other and just cracked up.

You will love the Wii. Make sure you get the Fitness Plus program. It is a blast and keeps you in shape. Another hint is to make sure the kids keep their wrists straps on tightly. Our son had one of their children bowl the remote right into the big screen. It was NOT a pretty sight.

I can't wait to see your post tomorrow. I am so glad that your dad has picked up her quilting.

Love Bears All Things said...

I wish that everyone had the same 'senior' age..some places its 55, some its never know..but I'll take any discount I can get.
I bought a WII back at the beginning of Summer. Of course, I have a few games that are rated so the 'grands' can't play, like Avatar. I bought Trivia Pursuit and Princess and I play that a lot..We swap out games so we don't have to buy two of everything.
Things can get messy when they are around but that's okay because they're fun, too. This week, the Princess made cookies.
Mama Bear

Nanci said...


So nice to see all your family photos and how much fun all the kids are having. I'm glad to see your dad is quilting again Granny would be so proud of him. Birthday wishes to the family as you celebrate a life lived to the highest.

Jenn said...

I love how all of your family is close and live close enough to visit each other. That is so special!! You are very blessed!

caknitter said...

Love the wii, looks like fun.
Happy birthday to Granny. Since I"m reading this on Sunday, I guess it's okay to add it to this comment/post.
btw, the breakfast looks delicious!

Alice Grace said...

I know you had a great time with the WII! Looks like everyone had a great time.