Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Granny Lives On Through My Dad's Quilts

Granny's love of life was because of her family, her Lord and her quilting.
She always told me that nobody else was interested in quilting
and that I needed to get busy so I could pass the love of quilting to my children.

All of Granny's children helped her with anything she needed all the time.
They all were very dedicated to Granny.
You hardly ever went to Granny's
house without someone being there.
Granny was a very independent woman but always loved company.
My Daddy always made sure that Granny
 had plenty of bobbins filled so she would not have to stop quilting.
She used to tell me that he always showed up at the perfect time to roll a quilt. 
She always wondered how he knew when to come.

This is Granny 15 days before she went to Heaven.
Granny was quilting up a storm and loving every minute of it.
I never in my wildest dreams thought that she would be gone so soon.
I wish I had hugged her more.
The good thing is that I have hope that I will see her again.

Daddy was just about as proud of Granny's quilts when she finished one as she was.
At the very end of Granny's life my daddy started quilting too.
It made Granny very happy to know that someone besides me was seeing why she loved to quilt.

I never tried to sell one of Granny's quilts.
One day Martha emailed and asked if Granny would consider selling one of her quilts.
That started the snowball.  Then Granny sold another and another 
and so on and so on thanks to blogger's.
Granny had this stack of quilts sitting here for years until this happened. 
Family members would come at Christmas and
 buy a few but other than that she didn't sell many. 
The only place she went was to church so she didn't see many people.  
Once we sold a lot of quilts it gave her a zeal to quilt more.  Even though Granny was a healthy woman, this gave her something to get up in the mornings for. I truly believe that she would not  have been here as long as she was if it wasn't for you blogger's.   She started her day with breakfast and then prayer and Bible reading and then she was at the sewing machine until lunch. Then back at the sewing machine until supper time. Then Granny went to bed around 7 every night. The only days that she didn't quilt was Friday when it was "wash day" and then Sunday because it was the "Lords day."
 At the end of her life she did start quilting on "wash day."  She couldn't help herself.
The one fear that Granny had was that she would leave this world with a quilt half finished. 
 I am proud to say that she finished her last quilt before she left us.
She doesn't have to worry about that anymore.
Fast Forward till today:

My Daddy has been calling me to come over and see his quilts
 that he has been working on, so today I went to see him.
It took him months before he would even look at a sewing machine after Granny passed away.
Then gradually he started quilting again.  Here he is showing me one that he  made.
I know that Granny is smiling.

I would not have ever dreamed that my daddy
 would love quilting like Granny did but he does.

He was explaining to me that his quilts are not
 perfect and that he just learned from watching Granny.
I told him that there is not a perfect quilt. 
 He does do his binding different than Granny but it is "his" way.

It makes me so proud to see my Daddy so happy and talking about all of his quilts.
Each one has a story.  I asked him if he would
consider selling them because I have had several people ask
about Granny's quilts. He said yes. This is the closest thing to Granny's quilts that we have left.   Daddy is almost 76 years old and is finally happy after losing his Mother.
 I know that he misses her so bad.
Who would have guessed that making Granny quilts would do it?
I bet Granny would have guessed.  She knew all about the love of quilting.
I called my children and told them that they need to get one.

When Granny passed away the family felt like she
would want Daddy to have her sewing machine. 
He takes great pride in sewing on her machine.

Here are 4 of Daddy's quilts.  He really did a good job.
I asked him what he wanted for the quilts in case someone is interested.
He said he would like to get 60.00 dollars because the
cotton batting has went up in price since he used to buy it for Granny.
Granny's quilts were 50.00 and that was a deal.  I have to tell you that
Daddy's quilts are a deal too.  Perfect? No. 
But if you would like a quilt that is as close to Granny's
as they can be, you can get one from her son, my daddy.

Daddy told me that he cannot sit and have idle hands.
Granny told me the same thing about quilting.
They surely could not make money doing this.
It is making something much more than money.
It is making happiness.

I don't think that I have ever shown you this picture.
This is Granny and my Paw Paw in 1980.
They were at my house seeing my newborn baby, Maranda ( Big Sis).
Wasn't Granny pretty?  That would have been 30 years ago.
And look at my Paw you see the resemblance in my dad?
He looks just like him.
Oh and look at that beautiful baby of mine!
These were the stacks of quilts that I saw today on Daddy's couch.
It reminded me of when I first saw Granny's stack of quilts.

Daddy has made 9 quilts so far and has several more tops started. 
They remind me so much of Granny's quilts.
It made Granny happy and it is making my Daddy happy. 
Granny's quilts.
Daddy's quilts.
He was taught by the best.
I remember right after Granny passed that my daddy told me that he didn't
think he would ever quilt again.  He was just so sad and grieving.
Then he remembered Granny's favorite verse:
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Phillippians 4:13
I know that Granny is smiling down on this blog
even though she didn't understand blog land.
Granny does live on through my Dad's quilts.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a sweet post Valerie. I think it is wonderful that your Daddy is quilting. I know your Granny would be very happy and proud of him.

Dennita Taylor said...

Val...this is one of the sweetest things I have ever read. It has been quite some time since I have visited your blog and I did not know that your Granny had passed away. Granny's are so precious. My darling Granny went to live in Heaven 3 years ago. She was my joy. I absolutely love your Dad's quilts. They are beautiful! As soon as I have enough money, I will be asking for one. I am a college student now so you know I am poor. LOL! I love you dearly and please keep blogging. Tell Dad to keep quilting!

Maria said...

I really enjoyed reading your post about your Dad. I am sure Granny is helping him along with his quilting.

Michelle said...

What a wonderful post. I am so happy that your dad has found a purpose and that Granny lives on through him.

Patty Sumner said...

What a wonderful post! It just brought joy to my heart to read it. I too, am sure your Granny is smiling. I cannot believe that your dad is 76 (wow). He looks so young. How wonderful that your dad is quilting too. What a wonderful heritage! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a sweet post. I am teary eyed after reading! Makes me miss my grandma and momma all the more. :-)

Allie said...

Oh sweetie - how I loved your Granny - how I look forward to meeting her and giving her a great big hug! I am so, so glad that your Dad is quilting again, he's doing a beautiful job and I wish I could afford to buy a quilt from him. I'm going to hope for that day to come.

caknitter said...

What an honor to sew with Granny's Sewing machine and to carry the tradition of making quilts, but even more of an honor to be to own one of her quilts. It's great to know your daddy isn't sad anymore and found his joy in making quilts. I'm certain Granny is guiding him. This is such a happy post. :-)

Anonymous said...

Valerie, I would love one of your dads quilts. Please contact me on facebook. Or here is my e-mail ( Please, please...I had always wanted one of grannys and now this is almost like one of grannys. Sylvia Weitzel

Libby said...

What a wonderful post Val!! I always loved reading about your sweet Granny, who quickly became ALL of OUR sweet Granny too! Good for your Dad for getting back to sewing! Granny sure is smiling today!

ddogood said...

Thanks Val. I just can't read enough about Granny! I'm thinking about getting one of your Dad's quilts. They remind me so much of Granny's. I use her quilt everyday! I use it so much that it ends up in the wash several times a month. It is still beautiful and shows no signs of wear.
I will be in touch.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Granny J said...

I'm so glad that your dad is working through the greiving process by doing something that he loves. His quilts are beautiful. I especially love the bright yellow one. $60 is a bargain for a handmade quilt.

Connie said...

Beautiful quilts, granny would be so proud of her son, for taking over and kepting the quilts going.It is wonderful that he has got granny sewing machine. A wonderful post! Have a great day!

Ruth said...

Beautiful post. Very touching. I have been following your quilt story. I'm blessed to see how these quilt have warmed many hearts including mine.

Julie said...

I am so happy I read this today. I made my heart feel so good. Thank you for your tender thoughts and for sharing with us. Julie

Kim said...

Val, I love this post. I think it is the neatest thing that your dad makes quilts. Are you going to be showing them all on your blog? I'm sure I will want one, we love Granny's, it is the softest favorite quilt in the house :)

Anonymous said...

I would like to purchase either the purple or blue one. Please pick out whichever you think I would like the best. What a great deal. I would like to see them on the side of your blog (like you posted Granny's) so that we can all see them. Thanks!! Contact me and I will mail you a check. ST



God bless your Granny. She left a wonderful legacy to her family.


Anonymous said...

Val...YOU ARE THE INSTRUMENT to getting out Granny's and now your Dad's quilts know and appreciated! YOU are the vessel that carries the love and excitement of your family! That makes YOU a very special gal!!!

I can understand how your dad has been caught up in quilting...because it was a satisfactory passion for Granny, and he can have that same passion! The LORD works in mysterious ways~ Just like your granddaughter has also taken up quilting and sewing! LORD bless you Val!

Love Bears All Things said...

This was such a sweet post...Imagine how many lives Granny touched through her quilts..quilting is good therapy for your Dad.
Mama Bear

Marydon said...

G'day Val ~ Two shares ...

One day I decided to teach Joshua a lesson & told him as we passed this man about his need for food on his sign, & asked if he would lik eto buy the man lunch at McDonald's. Joshua was 4 & he lit up & said 'sure'. so we went to McD's, got a huge lunch, drove back ... Joshua rolled down the window & handed the man the lunch bag. The man was hesitant to come receive the gift & asked what it was. Hell-o!! 'Here come get it', I said to him. He was not very happy about this, took the bag & dropped it to the ground & said 'I've got 4 of them now' ... I was STUNNED, to say the least.

What a beautiful share of Granny, once again ... I so love your precious stories of her & her quilts. And, now Daddy ... how beautiful Val. You melt my heart ... truly.

Have a beautiful Christmas season, all year ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Out Back said...

I love this post!

Good on your daddy for picking up the machine and start quilting again where granny left off. I am sure she would be so pleased.

I also miss my grandma, wish I had hugged her more too! Not a day goes by that I dont think of her.

Thank you for visiting my blog and letting me know you were there by leaving a comment. I will have a look over your lovely blog now.

Take care,


Jenn said...

Val, I haven't been around much for weeks really. I have loved catching up with your blog! Your dad looks so good for his age! I am so happy he is doing this. I remember wishing I had found Granny's quilts sooner. I got two but I always wanted one for each child. So that means I need 4 more!! :0) If I had the money now, I'd buy one. But I will always check your blog and as I can afford it, I'll try to get some of your dad's quilts. My girls use their quilts every single day. :0) Thank you Val for being such a wonderful lady! I love your blog so much!!

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

This post is beautiful. It's a testament to being able to go on after you've lost a loved one. I loved it and am sending a link to it to all of my friends.