Saturday, December 4, 2010

Okra Ornaments?

Remember this okra?
This is the okra out of my garden drying.
Well I picked up the Grands one afternoon and
 decided that I would let them help me work on our Okra Craft!
It started out great with popcorn, coke, and the okras to paint.

Then it changed when I told the girls about making the flowers out of gift tissue paper.
Look at "Angel" working so hard.

They caught on so quick.  They loved making flowers.
I think they forgot about the okra painting.
Didn't they do such a good job?

Then they decided that they wanted to go outside
 and find some more things to work with like pinecones and other stuff.
"Sweet Teen" found this flower and I could see her mind working.

The next thing I saw is "Sweet Teen" painting a flower like she picked.

Look at this when she got through!!!

Isn't it beautiful?

Now "Brother" was over here still using the paint
but he had found some more goodies outside that he wanted to use.
You may notice that his shirt is off......when he gets serious about something
he always takes his shirt off for some reason. He is hilarious.
He is telling Paw Paw what all he is doing.

"Sweet Teen" just couldn't get enough of flower making.

By now" Brother" had got bored with painting
and the next thing we knew he was on the floor
with the tissue paper making robots!!!
Just like a boy!!!

Then "Sweet Teen" found origami on the internet
and she made this butterfly.  She amazes me.

Wasn't this post about Okra?  Oh yes.
The Grands kind of forgot about painting the okra but they
accomplished a lot.  They love craft time at Gran's house.

When I went to see my BFF, Vicki the other day
she gave me a plastic bag full of painted okra
from years ago when we had done this.
I haven't got those done but I can't wait to work on them.
Thanks Vicki Lou!

Here are some of the finished okra.  My "Sweet Hunter" has a very
gifted artistic aunt and she showed me how to make these years ago.
She made me a block of wood with holes in it for the okra to stand in and dry
after painting them.  She even painted the wood red for me.
I haven't saw Aunt J in a long time but I would love for her to know that
I will always remember that she taught me how to do this.
It is now a tradition for me.
Okra is good for more than just eating.  Once you dry them they make the best
Santa Claus Ornaments for your tree and they last forever.


Michelle said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!

Alice Grace said...

The Grands are amazing! Now I can see that the many talents that Sweet Teen has have increased, she is now an artist! That is beautiful! All of them are precious!

Pat said...

They are SOOOO cute! We don't get okra up this way, so I'll never be able to try to make one, but I enjoyed seeing yours! have some VERY creative, artistic grandkids....but it seems to me that creativity runs in your family!

Mama Pea said...

So cute! I would never have guessed you started with okra!

I think Sweet Teen gets her talent from you.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Val your grandchildren are just so sweet and they do have talent in their blood...your whole family does.
Love the flowers!
And oh how adorable are those Okra Santas???? Just too cute.

Allie said...

This looks like a wonderful day at grandma's! Love the flowers, and Brother's robot - sweet teen is very talented! Those okra santas are really cute, Val.

Amelia said...

What fun! Spending craft times with little ones! A pleasurable time for you and them.

Interesting concept on painting the okra to be Santa.

Anonymous said...

Such fun photos of the grands and how very talented they are! The okra Santas are cute as can be.

webbsway said...


The talent in your family sure runs deep! All of the things you all tackled are just beautiful!!!!!!!

I loved it all, but I was really captured with the painted okra!What a wonderful Aunt!

Thank you so much for your prayers!

Granny J said...

It's great that you're teaching your grands that they don't have to buy ornaments to decorate with. Sweet Teen is a very talented girl. I love the flower she painted.

Libby said...

That looks like so much fun!! You have 3 very talented grandkids!! Here is a tutorial that I think Sweet Teen might like. This lady does awesome work and her blog is very cute!

Anonymous said...

I love okra Santas and haven't seen those in a while. Your grands are all just precious.

Real Life Reslers said...

How cool! I have never heard of painted okra but your looks awesome. Sweet teen is so multi-talented. All of your grandchildren are beautiful!

StitchinByTheLake said...

How fun for you and the children. :) I saw some okra Santas years ago at a craft fair but haven't thought about them in a long time. blessings, marlene

Scottish Nanna said...

Hi Val congrats on winning Joys Giveaway My daughter was the other happy for you both.tell me what is ocra I have read your blog and you have talked about it many times.I love all the things your grandchildren are making That painted flower is lovely Have A great week.
Hugs Mary.

Lori said...

Okra ornaments? Who woulda thought? but I love them. The Santa's are wonderful!

Patty Sumner said...

How wonderful it is to share time with your grandkids.......Your teen is very talented much like her grandmom. Blessings!

alina said...

Looks like wonderful time.

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