Thursday, March 3, 2011

Food For Baby Shower

There were about 8 of us that helped with this baby shower for our friend LeAnda.
It's a boy!!!
I thought you would enjoy seeing the food that everyone
brought.  The food was as pretty as the decorations.

See those cute stars???

So pretty.

I  just loved all of this fruit.

I am not sure if my friend Jo cut this fruit up herself or had it done
but it really didn't matter. It was so good and so beautiful.
She had 2 different dips to go with it.  Yum.

"Big Sis" fixed this beautiful vegetable tray with dip.
So delicious.

I fixed the sausage balls and "Big Sis" brought
a beautiful crystal bowl to put them in.

"Big Sis" made this great cheese tray too!

My friend Reba made this chicken salad.
She also made egg salad sandwiches and chicken salad sandwiches.
She makes the best ever!

I made these chocolate candies. 
You can see how I made them here.

The tables were so pretty with all the food on there.

I was so impressed what a good team we all made.

My friend Shelly made the best punch!
It was made with Ginger ale, seven up, sherbert and vanilla icecream.

But I have to say that this was the hit of the shower!
My friend Cheryl made this cake.

Look at that edible blanket and those little edible feet!!
Isn't it darling?
I will probably have one more post about the baby shower.
It was so cute that I just thought you would all enjoy seeing the pictures.
  I haven't included any people because I failed to
get permission to post their pictures.  But I just thought this
was the cutest shower ever.  Just wait until you see how my friend Tiffany
fixed the tables. 

Today I am thankful for...........teamwork!


Anonymous said...

Valerie, This was beautiful. I love that cake!

Sylvia Weitzel

lindsey said...

This all looks delicious...what very talented ladies you have to provide this. Cake is so clever!

Alice Grace said...

What tasty food you all prepared! Fruit is always my favorite! But you are all so artistic. I am sure it was a fun shower, and congratulations to the "new-to-be" parents!

Granny said...

It's six thirty in the morning and now you've made me hungry for fruit. lol Everything looks so pretty. Is Austin the first or last name of the baby? My DDs married name is Austin.

Granny said...

Oooops forgot to say how cute that cake is. Love those little baby toes.

Amelia said...

The food looked so yummy tasting and the presentation on the serving pieces just added more to their wonderful looks.

That cake is adorable...what a cute idea.

Amelia said...

The food looked so yummy tasting and the presentation on the serving pieces just added more to their wonderful looks.

That cake is adorable...what a cute idea.

Darla said...

Cute! Ya'll did a wonderful job on the food.

Michelle said...

Everything looked delicious, and the cake was adorable. I loved the little quilt on the cake

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I'm impressed....the food looks just wonderful and what a great job you all did.


Rhonda said...

all that fruit looks so yummy.
And the cake! my dd makes cakes, I will show her this very cute one.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what yummy goodies you all enjoyed. The cake is precious!

Scrappy quilter said...

That cake is just the cutest cake I've ever seen. What a wonderful shower.

Allie said...

LOVE those stars - oh Val I'm so hungry now. The cake is simply amazing, what a gorgeous shower!

Patty Sumner said...

don't you just love it when a group of gals can work up something so yummy and eye-pleasing. Looks great! Blessings!

caknitter said...

Boy, you girls really know how to throw a party! Everything looks delicious, especially the cake...too cute to eat.

Love Bears All Things said...

Cute cake...looks like fun...I always love showers.
Mama Bear

PEA said...

I wish I would have been at that baby shower, look at all that delicious looking food!! The cake is so delightful as well! Love the little chocolates you made...did you know that you can buy the coloured chocolate wafers to melt? I buy mine at the Bulk Food Store and all you need to do is melt them and put in your molds:-) You all did a wonderful job in putting on this shower and no doubt the mom to be was absolutely thrilled with everything:-) xoxo