Friday, May 20, 2011

Chicken Scratch With BFF & FNSI

My best friend told me that when we went on our annual Helen Ga.
trip that she would teach me how to do chicken scratch.
I was so excited.  This picture is where she was showing me
 how she marked her pattern on her fabric.

Vicki told me to bring my fabric, needles and thread
and be ready to chicken scratch all week!
I was ready!

Remember seeing this? 
Isn't it beautiful?
This is what she is working on.
She is planning on making a quilt with hers.

So she showed me the 3 stitches and we picked out a pattern.

From here I took it on my own.
I fell in love with this craft!

I didn't really know what I was doing but Vicki
had explained to me to do the outline first.
I noticed that my outline color was not showing up
like it should so I found a darker green and went
in between each light green stitch.

Alright. I could see it coming together!
There were no instructions on how to fill it in so I improvised.

Can you tell that I picked the hummingbird pattern?
I got a bird book and found the prettiest hummer that I could find.

And here it is all finished.
What do you think?
I had a ball doing this. 
It is very addicting and I can't wait to start another one.
Thank you Vicki for teaching me this art.

Fast Forward until tonight and I am joining in with
Heidi  & Bobbi for the FNSI!!!!
Thank you girls for hosting this!

And here we go.....

Can you guess what I am going to do with it yet?

Yep, I made a pillow out of my chicken scratch design!
I LOVE it!
I am so proud of my very first Chicken Scratch project
thanks to Vicki for teaching me! I am planning to mark
another pattern tomorrow and get started on it.

TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR.......friends that share!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Val your cushion is just lovely..

Allie said...

Oh WOW Val - this is just beautiful! You did a wonderful job on your hummingbird! I love the fabrics you chose to go with it for the pillow, too - beautiful!

Granny said...

I love the pillow. I've never done chicken scratch. I don't think I'd have the patience to do it. :(

Scrappy quilter said...

I'm thankful for friends too!! I love your chicken reminds me of work my grandmother use to do. Thanks for the memories. Hugs

Amelia said...

Oh Val, having another hobby called "Chicken Scratch" your hummer one. Your talents are just growing and growing.

Have a great weekend!

Angela said...

Val. congrat. on your first finished chicken scratch project. It turned out beautifully. I have seen it before but it looks to HARD for me to tackle. You amaze me, how do you find the time to do all you do? Hoping you have a great weekend.

Michelle said...

That is really neat!!!

Kathy said...

This is marvelous! I have never heard of this before - It is quite beautiful!

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Val, it is just beautiful!!! I love the hummingbird - have never seen more than just borders and stars, but this is amazing! Now you've got me wanting to do it!

Shauna said...

Love it, love it, love it!! Looks like a lot of fun to do! Good job too, by the way.

Heidi said...

Oh baby! The last thing I need is another obsession!! But this looks like something for ME! I love it. And it made a perfect pillow!

Come show me how to "Chicken Scratch"!

W. Latane Barton said...

First one ever? and so cute. I love the hummingbird. Gotta feel proud of yourself for you did a great job.

Susannah said...

Your pillow is just so pretty. My Mom and Grandma used to chicken scratch aprons. I love the hummingbird, Val. They are here this spring and we are feeding them. Good job, girl.

webbsway said...

O Val,
I am right there with all of your friends that your project is just beautiful! I think you have found some more of your Christmas presents because Anybody would be proud to have that!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! You did such a good job...I love it!! Is there anything that you can't do? Now I've got to try me a hummingbird. Looking forward to seeing what your next design will be. Oh yeah, was that a completed project? Way to go! Love ya! Vicki

Anonymous said...

This is one of the things I love about FNSI. I learn about new-to-me things. I'd never seen chicken scratch before. Yours came out lovely.

KatieQ said...

Your hummingbird cushion is wonderful. It's hard to believe this is your first chicken scratch project. It looks like one more thing I'll have to try.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

WOW---I LOVE LOVE LOVE that hummingbird. It looks great in a pillow... WOW!!! I have heard of 'chicken scratch' before but didn't know what it was. Thanks so much for sharing.

Nancy said...

I just found you, and love your blog. I'd like to follow.
I want to do chicken scratch! I did this when a little girl bout 50 years ago. Thank you for reminding me how fun it is!

Alice Grace said...

I love the humming bird! I am proud of you learning a new project!

Barb said...

I love it!! Thanks for the tutorial. I just learned how to do it today with a Friend...I will post mine on pins and needls as well....

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Very nice. I've never tried this before. You did a great job!

Mindy said...

I've always wanted to do this! Where do you find the patterns?