Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Again

In Honor of the people who lost loved ones with all the tornados.
I am linking up with Tootsie!
Go check out many more beautiful gardens.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ringgold Ga.- This says it all

This is about 30 minutes from my home and where my Mom & sister and many friends live.  This is the same prayer that I was praying last night. If you cannot hear this prayer please keep trying.  It is worth it. I thank the Lord my Mother, sister, & family & friends are safe.  My uncle has a furniture store that is destroyed there. The town of Ringgold is destroyed. So far there are 7 confirmed deaths. Please pray for Ringgold Georgia!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Page In My Journal

FOR TODAY: April 26, 2011
Outside my window... It is about 75 degrees and getting dark.

Hearing...some birds still singing even though it is getting late.
I am thinking... how I am almost on the verge of a pity party today.

From My Kitchen...... I just opened a can of cream of chicken soup for me but made "Sweet Hunter" a wonderful looking hot ham & cheese sandwich.

Thankful for...myTMJ doctor. I actually love all of my doctors. I am blessed.

 I am remembering... my surgery for TMJ back in 1998 and how I thought it was all fixed.
I have done so good until recently. Remember my vertigo? They think the jaw is causing it.

 Creating...a dishcloth....I know...imagine that! lol

 I am reading...some papers from my TMJ specialist today.
  I am feel better tomorrow. Had to have my jaw set today and got splints for my TMJ and I am so sore.

  On my mind...the fact that with my tmj one of my jaw joints is bone to bone and  you can't eat or sleep but our medical insurance will not pay anything on it. I think that is just crazy! When I had surgery years ago our insurance paid their part.  Now...different insurance?  Nothing.
  Noticing that... this page in my journal today is all about me!!! I really don't mean for it to be.  I look at others that are so sick.....I have nothing to complain about. I am so blessed.

 Around the house... it is quiet and peaceful.

 I am praying unspoken request and my friend J. that just got to come home after a 4 month's stay in the hospital.  Thank you all for praying.  She is a miracle.

  My plans for the rest of the week...working & cooking for this weekend. We have a big Assembly at our church this weekend starting Friday night through Sunday night. Every year we stay with our friends J & E and we plan meals together & eat out together for this special weekend at our church but she is the one that has been so sick.  They will not be able to come. We sure will miss being with them.

 One of my favorite things..."Our Little Hilton" (aka hunting cabin) I NEED to go there soon!

 I am wearing... the cutest yellow pajamas from Walmart!  I am a pajama person!

 One of my favorite quotes...What worries you, masters you.

 Hoping....that my unanswered prayer will be answered soon.

Here is my picture thought.....

In this little box is 2 splints. (actually one is in my mouth) I will wear it all the time.
Then at night I add another one. 
Jaw set, several shots later.....
3000.00 so far!
Hopefully this will prevent another surgery.
Now see why this post is all about me!!!!
But you have to do what you have to do!
Today I am thankful prayer partners!
Pray for me.
* Please forgive me for my pity party today but this is MY journal!!! lol. 
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Pets

Yes, it's a squirrel!
We like the kind of pets that take care of themselves.
And this little fellow does a good job of that.

We have gourds and houses for our Purple Martins.We look forward to them coming back every year.  They eat only flying insects, which they catch in flight. Most people think that they eat mosquitoes but they don't. Purple Martins and freshwater mosquitoes rarely ever cross paths. Martins are daytime feeders, and feed high in the sky; mosquitoes, on the other hand, stay low in damp places during daylight hours, or only come out at night. Since Purple Martins feed only on flying insects, they are extremely vulnerable to starvation during extended periods of cool and/or rainy weather.
Isn't that interesting?

The ducks on the side of the pond only come around when it rains a lot.
They are so pretty. They are black and white.
The geese that are out in the water live here year round.
They always raise their young around our pond.
Then when they are older they head off to the big lake below our property.
I actually don't like a lot of geese around because they are messy but I can handle this pair
that lives here. Did you know that geese mate for life?
They will find a new mate if their mate dies.
They weigh about 20-25 lbs. and can live 20 years!
Isn't that interesting?

And of course I LOVE my birds!

We actually don't feed our birds in the spring and summer
so this is actually winter pics. 

This is our dog!
Well, it really is our neighbors dog!
We live in the country so we don't know which neighbor he belongs to
But I love this little dog!
He knows when I cook.
It is amazing. Everytime I cook I look out and he is on my deck
waiting for the scraps.  After he eats he usually leaves with
something in his mouth and heads down the road.
That is our kind of dog!
We named him "LUCKY"!
Do you see why?

This is for sure not my favorite pet.
I walked out on the sidewalk the other day and there he was!
I jumped up on the picnic table and tried to get
"Sweet Hunter's" attention.
He was out mowing. So here I am waving my arms and yelling!
He never saw me.  So I got down, run in the house to grab my camera!
I came back and he was gone.  I looked around and found him.
I went to the garage and looked for a hoe. 
I was determined that he was dead!
Then...."Sweet Hunter" see's me!
He says, "what are you doing"?
Out of breath and very hyper, I said, "come here....hurry!"
"Kill it, Kill it"!
"Sweet Hunter" says, "NO WAY!"
I said, "Please, kill it!"
Then he gently poked around it and got it to head to the woods.
I thought to myself, "Has Sweet hunter lost it?"
"Is he crazy?"
Then he informed me that it was a chicken snake.
I told him that I didn't care what kind it was.
But he told me that it kills rats.
He said it is a good snake.
He said it was "our" friend.
It may be "Sweet Hunter's" friend, but not mine.
So I went and googled it.
He is right except for one thing.
While their bite is not poisonous in most cases, it is usually extremely painful!
I WILL kill this snake!!!!
Today I am thankful hoe!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What More Can I Do?

First of all let me ask you to forgive my blurry pictures.
I took pictures of pictures.
Second, this is not a typical Easter story,
yet to me, this is what it is all about.

One of our Pastors mentioned in a sermon about the hungry
children in the world going to bed at night with no food to eat and he mentioned how
blessed he was, to be able to  feed his children.

At our church we have a food bank called "The Share Baskets".
It is totally funded by our local Church members.

This little 8 year old boy was sitting next to his mother and listening to
the Preacher and he started crying.
  She just thought that his Dad had scolded him for something.
After church, Josh told his parents that he wanted to talk to them.
He said, "Daddy, I didn't know there were hungry children.  What can I do?"

His Daddy told him, "Josh, do you remember the last deer we killed?
We donated it to the hungry."
Josh said, "But Daddy, WHAT MORE CAN I DO?"
They told him about the food bank at church and how it feeds the hungry.
Then he asked,"Could I donate some food?"
His Daddy explained how you can also donate money and they will go and buy the groceries.

Josh then went to his brothers and sisters and asked if they would help him by donating
their savings from their allowance.  Then his Mom & Dad told them that they would donate too.
They all put their money together and went shopping for groceries.

The next Wednesday night, these children not only donated their money,
but took their time to shop and then unload and stock the shelves in our food pantry at Church.

There are several  that work in the "Share Baskets".
We were all touched as we watched the excitement of these little children
helping to feed the hungry.

This is a real story in my church.
We are so proud of these children.
We were all so touched by watching these little children
and hearing the story from the parents.

Thank you to the family of Bruce & Angela G. and their children,
Josh, Jacob, Jordan, & Jenna for this true and compelling story of compassion.

We have some slogans in our food bank that we use all the time.
Remember to share with us as we share with others.
Alone we can do a little, but together we can do a lot.
Now we have another one......
What more can I do?


Today I am thankful for..........the heart of a child.

But Jesus called them and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.


Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Friday Again!

While things are blooming here, I am gonna try to join up with Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday!
If you want to see some pretty flowers, visit her blog and you will see lots!
But don't go before you see mine! lol

Happy Easter To You All!

My little butterfly garden!

Can you see that bee?
It never knew I was there.
I bet I have 50 pictures of him.

"Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder." Thoreau


Well gotta go!
  I have to go and hem 5 little "size 2" pairs
 of shorts for "Little D"(my youngest grand)!
A Grandmother's work is never done!!!
I LOVE it!
Today I am thankful for.............our 4 Grandchildren!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Work Day At Home

Whenever I see our work boots set out I know that "Sweet Hunter" is in the working mood!

We started with one of the gardens but it was way too wet!

Then we moved to the screened in porch.
Look at all that pollen on everything.

So we got the water hose, some soap, mops and brooms and went at it.

We moved everything off and scrubbed this porch from top to bottom.

Here it is all put back together.
Much better.

I bought that wreath about 2 years ago at a thrift store.
I have wanted "sweet hunter" to hang it up high on the porch.
As you can see, it is still sitting there.
He must like it there! ha!
I guess I will just have to do it!

I LOVE my screened in porch.
So peaceful.
This is the perfect time of year to enjoy it.
You can hear the creek out back running.

As you can see I have a lot of empty pots but I have some newcomers too.
See my hen and chicks that Granny J sent me. 
My Dad saw them in these little pots and he let me know that I would have to replant them in something bigger.
The amaryllis was given to me by my Mother because I killed Miss Victoria or so I thought.
Mom gave me an Amryllis that she pampered and loved and was beautiful. 
I got it and it turned yellow and died last year.

I didn't want to break the news to Mom about Miss Victoria dying but
one afternoon I was at her house and she gave me that other one that you saw in the last picture.
She also told me that she figured that I killed it and she gave me instructions on how to take care of it.
But I had a little surprise this year.  See that Amaryllis in that white pot.......
that is Miss Victoria!!!!!
She has came back to life!!!!

Oh yeah, back to work....
now we are on the deck!

Looks a little better!

This table and umbrella and chairs was covered in pollen
but it is better now.

This is an old church bench that "Sweet Hunter" bought
several years ago.
We love it and it fits perfect on our deck.

All that work and I still had time to crochet 3 more dish cloths!!!

Today I am thankful for.............being able to work.