Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Work Day At Home

Whenever I see our work boots set out I know that "Sweet Hunter" is in the working mood!

We started with one of the gardens but it was way too wet!

Then we moved to the screened in porch.
Look at all that pollen on everything.

So we got the water hose, some soap, mops and brooms and went at it.

We moved everything off and scrubbed this porch from top to bottom.

Here it is all put back together.
Much better.

I bought that wreath about 2 years ago at a thrift store.
I have wanted "sweet hunter" to hang it up high on the porch.
As you can see, it is still sitting there.
He must like it there! ha!
I guess I will just have to do it!

I LOVE my screened in porch.
So peaceful.
This is the perfect time of year to enjoy it.
You can hear the creek out back running.

As you can see I have a lot of empty pots but I have some newcomers too.
See my hen and chicks that Granny J sent me. 
My Dad saw them in these little pots and he let me know that I would have to replant them in something bigger.
The amaryllis was given to me by my Mother because I killed Miss Victoria or so I thought.
Mom gave me an Amryllis that she pampered and loved and was beautiful. 
I got it and it turned yellow and died last year.

I didn't want to break the news to Mom about Miss Victoria dying but
one afternoon I was at her house and she gave me that other one that you saw in the last picture.
She also told me that she figured that I killed it and she gave me instructions on how to take care of it.
But I had a little surprise this year.  See that Amaryllis in that white pot.......
that is Miss Victoria!!!!!
She has came back to life!!!!

Oh yeah, back to work....
now we are on the deck!

Looks a little better!

This table and umbrella and chairs was covered in pollen
but it is better now.

This is an old church bench that "Sweet Hunter" bought
several years ago.
We love it and it fits perfect on our deck.

All that work and I still had time to crochet 3 more dish cloths!!!

Today I am thankful for.............being able to work.


Angela said...

Val, Love your screened in porch. Looks so peaceful out there. I have a small sunroom, but think I would rather have a screened porch. Holly and hubby added one last year and big deck and I love it. Take a rest, you deserve it.

caknitter said...

Hilarious how "Sweet Hunter" set the boots in place to let you know it's time to clean. I think you should do the same with a hammer and nails, so he can hang that wreath. Hahaha.
The deck looks like such a great place to relax with your thoughts and nature. :-)

Allie said...

I want to come over and sleep on that screened-in porch on a hot night. Your home is so pretty! A lot of work, yes, but thank the Lord you can do it. Work is a blessing!

Alleluiabelle said...

I always love coming here to read and view your pictures. I want to come and sit in your peaceful screened-in porch and listen to the looks and sounds so refreshing.

Sending hugs your way and have a very blessed Easter.


Scottish Nanna said...

I can just see myself sitting in your porch listening to the creek I like thet sort of thing.
Hugs Mary.

Michelle said...

Don't you just love it when everything is fresh, clean and in it's place? Ahhh...happiness!

Libby said...

I love your screened in porch! Looks like you have a beautiful place to sit and read or sew and enjoy a cup of coffee!

Adoption Mama said...

What a beautiful place of quiet rest...and work:)

Scrappy quilter said...

You been busy. I too love your screened in porch..what a wonderful place to sit and relax. Hugs

Granny said...

Everything looks great. The pollen can really leave a mess can't it?

Darla said...

Pollen should just about be done falling. I love, love your green table and chairs, the wreath is perfect right where it is. You will be able to let the hen and chicks crowd that container, just lift some of the babies, in a couple of months or so, and start another container...they also grow in the ground !!

Jenn said...

Everything at your home is just lovely, I can tell. It would be such a friendly, relaxing place to be. I just need to come visit someday. :)

Alice Grace said...

Well, now! I am glad Miss Victoria is well and growing again! Maybe you will have better luck this year.

Anonymous said...

What a worker you two are and I admire it. Everything is looking so nice and spiffy, I too love that porch and wouldn't mind having one like it on which to sit and relax and read without mosquitos and flies visiting me :)
Wishing you a happy Easter.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Val I used to have a screened porch and loved it but I do remember how bad the pollen got on it! That two-seater glider...I have that exact same one. :) We have the same taste I guess. And I love your red dishcloths...I use red in my kitchen so I'm always on the lookout for anything red. blessings, marlene