Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daddy's Quilts & His New Sewing Cabinet

Daddy has a very small house and he was trying to find a place to store all
of the quilts he is making.  Looks like he found the perfect place.
All of these quilts are for sale along with the ones in the sidebar marked "Daddy's Quilts".
Each quilt is 60.00 plus shipping.

Daddy had to do some rearranging in his house
 to make room for his new sewing cabinet that he bought.
He is even moving pictures around.
This frame is all of Granny.  I made that for him when she left us.
Right behind that little lamp is the framed poem  "Granny's Perfect Quilts" that was written by
Marlene about the quilt she purchased from Granny.  If you haven't read it, go to my sidebar and look for it.  I LOVE it.

Look at Daddy's new sewing cabinet!
He is so proud of it!

He opened it all up for me to show me how it works.
This is definitely a space saver.
See his caps up on top?
My Dad was in the Navy and has been looking for Navy hats.
He found 2. One of them says Navy Veteran on it.
He loves them.  When I was a baby he was in the Navy.
Thanks Dad for your service.

He is so very proud of it! 
He hasn't put his machine in it yet but
he is working on it. 
Then it's back to sewing quilts for Daddy!
Just let me know if you want to purchase one of Daddy's quilts.
Sewing has made him so happy.
This is truly a gift from Granny and the Lord.
Today I am thankful for......
the birds singing outside my window!


Libby said...

Arent we having a beautiful spring time in Georgia?? I love that cabinet! So useful and beautiful!

Needled Mom said...

He will really love that sewing cabinet. I can see many happy hours spent there.

Needled Mom said...

He will really love that sewing cabinet. I can see many happy hours spent there.

Michelle said...

Pretty neat!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilts and a fabulous cabinet. John loves to collect hats and proudly displays his in his office. I am thankful for your dad's service also and I am thrilled that he found the Navy Vet cap.

webbsway said...

Talk about a Worker!Wow!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Beautiful sewing cabinet. And what a space saver!

Alice Grace said...

What a beautiful cabinet! I know he is so proud of it. He is amazing, just like you, his daughter!

Patty Sumner said...

It looks like your dad has been super busy with his quilts. I know he will use that new cabinet. Blessings!

Patricia said...

I would love to see a close-up picture of the one your Daddy is holding of your Granny. When I make this one larger, her pictures are a blur. I enjoy your blog so much !

Love Bears All Things said...

Its so great that your Dad has discovered this hobby that he enjoys.
Mama Bear

Allie said...

Thank you Val's daddy for your service! What great quilts and what a great sewing cabinet! He'll enjoy that for sure.

Midlife Mom said...

What a lovely sewing cabinet! That will keep things so nicely organized for him. It's so nice that he has gotten into quilting, it is such a good hobby. I just sent one to the quilters and now am working on a Christmas one, I think it's going to be really pretty!

How nice of them to come in and tidy up your home while you were away. Can you send them up here?!!!

Jenn said...

My dad is also a Navy veteran, as was my grandpa. My brother is in the Air force and so was my father-in-law. My brother-in-law is too. We are just a "military" family. I always wanted my husband to go in but it just never worked out.