Sunday, April 17, 2011

Welcome Home

Remember a couple of posts back when I showed you all the
flowers blooming when we came home from
"Our Little Hilton"(aka hunting cabin)?

Well, when we got home we were blessed with a very clean house too!

"The Honeymooners"(daughter & SIL) came and cleaned our house!

A very clean dust free dining room table.....

This picture is a little dark.
This room is the room we call the "nobody's room".
I guess you can guess why it is called that.
Nobody goes in there!
When we had a house full of kids they used that room
to sit with their boyfriends so they wouldn't have to be in
the "big room" with us.
I guess you can tell that we name our rooms.

I love my guest bathroom!
I really love it when it is sparkling clean!

We have talked about downsizing one day.
If we do, this whirlpool tub will have to go with me!
Wonder what "sweet hunter" would say about that?
I do LOVE my bathtub.

When we moved here this "thing" was hanging over the fireplace as a mantle.
I hated it when it was up there.
When we took it down it was so beautiful we had to find a place to put it so here it is.

If the kitchen sink is not clean, my house is not clean to me.
That is the first thing that Flylady teaches you to do.

This is my "sweet hunters" office.
He is a perfectionist.
If you borrow an ink pen off his desk...he knows it.
Drives me bonkers sometimes!
Anyway, the "honeymooners" 
took everything off his desk to clean it.
I asked them how they knew how to place things
 back on the desk when they got through.
"Big Sis" said,
 "We know how daddy is so we took pictures
 so we would not mess anything up."
Is that not hilarious???

We had a tree fall across our drive during a storm.
"Sweet Hunter" had moved it out of the drive but
when we got home....."Lane" (SIL) had cut it up
for firewood so we could take it to "Our Little Hilton".
Thank you to the "honeymooners" for working so hard to bless us!

Today I am thankful for..............our blessings.


caknitter said...

Man, the honeymooners are the BEST! You're so luck and blessed to have such great kids.

Allie said...

Val, feel free to give them my address. *G* What a sweet thoughtful thing to do! Your home is just gorgeous!

Michelle said...

You are truly blessed. Have a great week.

Granny said...

That's wonderful that they did that for you. Your house is beautiful. I love the way they took a picture of Sweet Hunter's desk so they could put everything back just right.

Have a blessed day.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Do the honeymoons need a road trip? I can give them my address?
You have a Beautiful home and a beautiful family.

Angela said...

Such a sweet and thoughtful thing they did for you. Now you can "play" all week. You have a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Have a blesed week.

Susannah said...

Your home is lovely and so clean!!! I imagine it always is ! How thoughtful of Big Sis and Lane to come clean. I love surprises like that...they are the best when you least expect it. What great people they are to think of dear Mom. God bles them.


Scrappy quilter said...

Beautiful home!! What a wonderful gift to give you. Hugs

Darla said...

Reaping the seeds you have, so sweet.

Becca's Dirt said...

You have a lovely home. So nice that someone cleaned your home while you were away. Have a great day.

Adoption Mama said...

I look forward to that kind of relationship with my kids when they are older. What blessings.

Needled Mom said...

What an awesome gift to come home to, Val!!!

lindsey said...

How lovely to return home to this! And yes that is funny that they took a photo to see where everything needed to go back. When I tidied my daughters airing cupboard I said I should take a photo and stick it to the inside of the door so they would remember what it can look like!

Lori said...

What a wonderful surprise! I love coming home to a clean house no matter how long I've been gone from it. :)

happeningswithLana said...

That was very sweet of them! Very nice rooms. That is funny about the desk.

Jenn said...

That is such a great blessing! What a wonderful thing to do for you guys. My mom done that once for us. We had gone out somewhere and were getting back late. She came over and cleaned our house and made dinner for us and had the table set and everything when we walked through the door. I'll never forget that. It was very special!! If we had that HUGE room in our house, it would be the "play" room for all the kids' toys!! :)

webbsway said...

What a Wonderful Surprise! I loved that they took a picture to know where to replace things. That was a wonderful idea. Do You Rent these kids out??????????? LOL

Alice Grace said...

What a blessing they are to you in every way! How nice for you!