Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sewing With Sweet Teen

Sweet Teen had a school project in her design class to do so
she picked a beautiful sun dress pattern.
She brought the pattern over for me to help her so we started cutting it
out and talking.  I realized that there were about 20 pattern pieces to cut out.
Then I got to looking at the pattern and realized how hard it looked. I asked her
how long she had to make it and she said a few days. 
So I asked her if it had to be a dress.  She said no. 
I want her to make the dress but I don't want her to feel pressured &
get discouraged so I thought it would be easier and more encouraging
to make something easier.

So we started thinking about what we could do.
Then we thought of pajama pants!
I thought that would be easy.
I didn't have a pattern so I  just made one and she was sewing them together
before I knew it. 

Her Mom, my daughter, "Trouble" came over and before I knew it
she was cleaning while we were sewing.  She had my dishes washed
before I could blink an eye.

Then she folded clothes and made my bed!
Yes, my bed had not been made that day!
I had actually worked all day and then helped Sweet Teen
so having someone pick up the house and make my bed was a blessing.
Thank you "Trouble"!

"Sweet Teen" accomplished a lot that night. She got everything done
except the elastic and the hem. 
She is going to finish it in her class at school.
She had the cutest idea. She is going to buy a black tank top and
applique a heart on it with the fabric that she used for the pajama pants.
So cute!

Then she got in her new little car and left!
We had  a lot of fun and we are planning on making that dress this summer!
I just know how I am. I love seeing something accomplished quick.
Otherwise I get discouraged.
So now we have plenty of time to work on that beautiful sun dress!

Today I am thankful for.......a granddaughter who loves to sew!


Pat said...

You have such a wonderful granddaughter (and also very pretty). I'm glad she likes to do things like that with you. What a treasure for your heart always!

Marydon said...

Sweet Teen is adorable & just a beauty, Val. How sweet the two of you working together to create pj's pants ... & she models them beautifully.

Have a beautiful day ~

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Allie said...

I think I need your dd "Trouble" to visit, lol - what a blessing! Love ST's pj pants, good for her and I love the idea of a top with the heart. I'm so glad you're passing on the love of sewing, Val!

Granny said...

Those pajama pants are really cute and the black top with the appliqued heart will be perfect. Sweet Teen knows where to come to get help with her sewing projects. :) How is the TMJ? Any more news about how the brace is helping?

W. Latane Barton said...

another generation of sewers in your family. I'm proud of her, she did really well.

Love Bears All Things said...

It takes so much time just to cut out those patterns...I hate that part. I love the pajama bottoms and the idea for the tank top....I need a good pj pattern.
Mama Bear

Needled Mom said...

I think you had the right idea about something easy when she was under time restraints. I know she will enjoy doing the dress later.

webbsway said...

O Val,
What wonderful insight! And - those pants are SO cute and I love her idea about the shirt!

Me thinks that the young one does take after you.!! :) And to have her Mom helping too - what a treat!

anti snore said...

Sweet Teen is adorable & just a beauty, Val.Thanks for sharing.

Alice Grace said...

I think Sweet Teen has found her talent! She is a designer! Beautiful job, beautiful Sweet Teen!