Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Special Week In Helen Ga.

Every year for the past 11 years we have spent
a week with our Best Friends in Helen Ga.
We each have our own timeshare condo that we stay in.

We visited  Freds Famous Peanut House to get some boiled peanuts!
I thought this was so cute. Their Gas tank looked like a cow!

These are our Bestest friends, Vicki & Eddie!
We have been friends over 30 years!
We don't have to do anything to enjoy being with each other.

See the woman sitting in the chair? 
If we would walk over there all of the sudden her hand would raise and wave at us.
It scared us to death. Then we realized that the man at the peanut stand was doing it.
They were so cute.

See the sign?
Please Park your butts here!
Vicki took them serious!!!

Love this picture!!!

On the side of the peanut house is this water wheel. 
It is so beautiful.

I walked in the store and took a few pictures.
We come here every year but I always see something different.

Of course I had to see this armadillo!
We have these at "our little Hilton"!
Scary looking!

I want one of these! I don't know where I would put it
but I have always wanted one. 

The people that own the store live right next door.
This is their porch. I just thought it was so cute.

We always have a lot of fun with our friends. 
We didn't go a lot of places because a couple of us didn't feel good.
I am still adjusting to my splints for my TMJ so I wasn't the greatest company, but I was just thankful to be able to be there with our best friends.  We have a close friend that is going through major health problems and it makes my little complaints seem as nothing.

TODAY I AM THANKFUL.........that we were able to go!


Granny said...

Great pictures, especially the waterwheel. Hope your TMJ gets better soon.

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Sounds like y'all had a great time! I like Fred's, too! Just wish I liked Helen . . . I just don't like that town, or what it has become. 40 years ago when we used to go there it was great, but today it's just not the same. Take care of you! B.

Angela said...

Val, Glad you got to go on your trip. We use to go to Helen several times a year, but it has been many years since we have been there. The store looked really neat. Love the water wheel and the gas tank. Great pic of you and your friends. Who better than best friends to go on vacation with. You take care and good luck with your splints.

Patricia said...

Val, you are not gonna believe this but, I have a cabinet just like this white one in my kitchen. It belonged to my good friend, "Mrs Ova Lee Curtis". She left it to me in her will, when she passed away. I have several of her things. I still don't have a camera to post pictures on my blog with yet but, as soon as I get one, I will send you a picture of mine. She bought this one at a store here in Waverly, Tn. years ago.

Renée's Country Quilts said...

Thank You for sharing your trip.. You made me laugh! I think I would have about jumped out of my skin. There are so many parts of GA. I would love to visit. We just moved to Savannah last year, so I see many road trips in our future.

Allie said...

Oh hon I'm so glad you got to go - I'm sorry to hear that your tmj is still bothering you, I am praying!

Needled Mom said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun despite not feeling tip top. Good friends can always make us feel better. I loved all of the pictures and can see why the moving hand would scare you to death.

Jenn said...

Val, that is called a Hoosier cabinet. My mom has one. I love them and wish I could have one too! :) Armadillos are kind of neat, we have one in our backyard. It was a baby last year but now it's big. It let us pet it last year. It growls like a dog! :) I like them.

Sorry you're still hurting. Love and Hugs

Alice Grace said...

I am so glad you and your best friends, Eddie and Vicki got to time together! Looks like a great place to go!