Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More of Our Helen Ga.Trip

I realized that I didn't even finish posting
about our Helen Ga. trip a few weeks ago.

We have a 2 bedroom condo and we visit once a year.
This is the view from our balcony.
Behind those trees is a beautiful pool. 
We had beautiful weather.  There is a clubhouse and we
are right on the river.  There is a bridge right down the road from
our condo that crosses the river.  I walked down to that bridge almost everyday.
It's not that far but I enjoyed the walk.  The river is beautiful.

We go with our BFF's and I asked her if I could put this picture on my blog
to show how creative she is.  I almost forgot to show you this. 
I go to JoAnn's and buy a jar to hold my yarn.
She made one from a coffee mate container.
Isn't she smart??/

And look at her dish cloths that she made!!
Aren't they beautiful?

There are not many places to eat out there that time of year so
we cook a lot.  This is a casserole that Vicki made and it was so delicious.
She is suppose to share the recipe with me. When she does I will let you know.

Crazy me!
I took the picture of my chicken enchiladas before they were cooked!!!

I got up one morning and cooked the guys bacon and biscuits  (canned - lol!)
before they headed out to go fishing!
Then I drove them to the place they wanted to be dropped off.
Normally they drive themselves
where they are going but they wanted to walk up the river that day.
Then I picked them up later on that day.

I stood on a bridge and got this picture. 
It was so beautiful that morning.

We just got home a few days ago from a different trip and when
I got home I found a box at my door. 
I opened the box and found this from one of my sweet
blogging sisters,  Karen!  You also need to visit  her web site!
She makes the most awesome things and has them for sale!  Go check it out!
It's so funny.  I can talk to my blogging sisters more than I can anyone!
She knew that I was going through a trial and she sent me this angel and the
sweetest card.  I will treasure this always. 
It made my day! 
Thank you Karen!!!
Today I am thankful blogging sisters!!!


Allie said...

That looks like such a beautiful place! GREAT shot of the guys fishing. Love the creative yarn holder and dishcloths, and of course your uncooked enchiladas, lol! You are such a hoot!

Such a darling angel you got - I agree, blogging buddies are wonderful!

caknitter said...

I really enjoy looking at all of your pictures, especially the ones having to do with nature. You're pretty lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country.
Thanks for sharing, Val! :-)

Alice Grace said...

I love seeing pictures of your Helen trip every year! Such a beautiful place, and how nice to be with Vicki there. I love the gift Karen sent you, very sweet!

Granny said...

The river looks so cool and inviting. I'd have been tempted to walk in it like the guys did. Glad you had a good time with your friends.

Hope you're feeling better.

Angela said...

Okay, Val, all these pic makes me want to get away with Mr. P. so bad. Usually by this time every year we have been on several 3 night vacations. Just hasn't worked out this year and I am having withdrawals. Looks like a beautiful place in Helen. Always loved the water running beside the roadside. Looks like Sweet Hunter and friend had fun fishing.Hope you are having a great week. Take Care.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Val,
What wonderful peaceful pictures.
I think you ladies cook quite awesome while 'away' - both dishes look delish!!!!

Glad you enjoyed your little Angel...she's always there to look after you. Big Hugs,

Needled Mom said...

It looks like a wonderful place to visit.

Your yarn storage idea is fabulous!!!!

Blogging friends are the best, aren't they?

webbsway said...

What a beautiful experience - something like that can sure inspire you - also having a friend to create with. Loved her idea . I had used a pop bottle for a while until our daughter gave me a container for Christmas one year that has different sections for the yarn and it feeds out at the top with a door to put your hooks and patters in. I really love it.I love your all's dishcloths too!

Krista said...

I always love hearing about your trips. I hope Charlie and I will be able to make trips like these soon as our life calms down a little.