Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crocheting Class & Crackers?

Every week I take pictures in my crocheting class.
Every week I see so much progress that everyone has made.

I haven't even done any crocheting since this class.
I need to get back to my dish cloth!

This class means so much to me.
It is something I have always wanted to do just for "me"!

And on top of that, I get to be with my friends Teresa & Polly.

Isn't this beautiful?

Did I tell you what happened to Teresa's scarf she was making?

Her dog found it and it is not a scarf anymore!!!
I just know she could have just cried over that!

This is another dish cloth being made.
I was really interested in this because I need help bad!!
I am gonna try to be the teachers pet at the next class!!! lol

I didn't get to go last week because we were out of town.
I am so anxious to get back.

Once a month the ladies have a birthday
celebration for the birthdays in that month.

When I get my dish cloth made,
I hope to make a baby blanket for my daughter.
Polly (my teacher) said that I could do it.
We will see!

"May May" is due in October.
We are so excited.
We don't know what this little one is going to be.
They chose not to find out this time.
This will be their second baby and they just
celebrated their 10th anniversary this past weekend.

Are you wondering about the crackers???
Well I was in the class crocheting away when Teresa
asked me if I tasted of these crackers. 
She said you have got to go and get one.
I looked at this plate and thought to myself....
saltine crackers?
Well I tasted one......and another......and another!
It is like potato can't eat just one.
We asked the lady that made them for the recipe and she gladly shared it.
"Sweet Teen" & "Angel" & I made them the very next day.
I will share the recipe with you on the next post. 
You will love them!

TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR.......sharing with friends!


Angela said...

Oh Val, You are such a tease. Can't wait for the recipe. They look like store bought crackers. Posted more pic. from Delano today if ya want to check them out. Have a great Wednesday.

annie said...

Do you have the pattern for the flower dishcloth? Really enjoying your posts recently. I'd love to taste those crackers!

Allie said...

I'm so glad you're doing this just for you, sweetie - congrats on another baby to come!

webbsway said...

O those crackers look sooooo good!

I understand exactly what you mean about your class. It is like it becomes your gift to yourself. Plus, when you hang out with others who share your interest -it becomes a way to inspire each other.

I know your friends just love finding time to spend with you. In this day and time it is really hard to make that connection with others-but it is so important.

Keep up the great work! : ) (In more ways than one! )

Patricia said...

Val, this class looks like so much fun. I am glad you are enjoying yourself.

Darla said...

This post is too funny because I was looking at youtube videos yesterday re-teaching myself to crochet...I haven't done it in years! It may be all I do for a while, trying to get to the Dr. today to see if I broke my foot, sigh...

Lola said...

I too would like the pattern for the flower dishcloth. Great going. You will get that blanket done in no time. Maybe even 2.

W. Latane Barton said...

What a great time you are having with your crochet. Nothing better than learning something new and spending time with friends.

Oh, I would have so locked that dog in the closet if it had gotten my scarf. just kidding. No dog, no scarf for me. I do love to make the ripple pattern crochet baby blanket. I've made several and that's my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Keep practicing and before you know it you'll be a crocheting expert. Congrats on the new to-be grandbaby!

Real Life Reslers said...

I love seeing all of the crocheting pictures. Can't wait to try those crackers.