Saturday, August 27, 2011


Our Daughter & Grandson

We are very proud parents & grandparents.

Mother & Baby Boy

Isn't she beautiful?
We gave "May May" a baby shower today!
It was so nice to see many friends & family!

We had so much fun getting ready for this shower.
"Big Sis" & Lane and "Trouble" & the Grands met over at my house
Friday night and we got everything set up and ready!

Blue & Pink was our theme since we
 don't know what the baby is going to be yet.
The invitation requested that everyone wear
the color pink or blue according to what you think
the baby will be.

We had a brunch and it was a drop in shower.

We served Breakfast casserole, Hashbrown casserole,
sausage balls, cheese grits,
Fruit and dip,  pound cake, & doughnuts.
Our oldest granddaughter,"Sweet Teen" loves me!!!

Our oldest grandson, "Brother" loves doughnuts!!!!

Our granddaughter & grandson.
You can always find "Angel" wherever "Little D" is!
She loves him so much!
Cousins playing together.

The shower was wonderful and I loved
the "drop in" part. It made it easy for
everyone to drop by whenever it was good for them.
By the way, we had more people wearing pink!!!
And you can't really tell in these pictures but
"May May's" dress is pink & brown!!!
Girl or Boy?

So beautiful.

TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR ........our family.

We are Blessed.
Please continue praying for "Sweet Hunter".


Lori said...

I like the idea of a "drop in" shower. Honestly, sometimes I dread the idea of going to a shower knowing it's going to take 3 - 4 hours from my day, but a drop-in shower you can go and stay as long or short as you can. May May is a beautiful pregnant woman! I sure don't remember looking that good when I was pregnant. :(

Allie said...

Oh sweetheart you have such a beautiful family!! What a gorgeous mother she is. A drop-in shower is an awesome idea. How is hubby doing?

caknitter said...

Aw, May May looks so beautiful. All your daughters are beautiful, Val, but I think they take after their mother. :-)
My guess would be that May May will be having another healthy baby boy. But, a healthy baby girl would be a nice surprise too.

Maria said...

Love the photos of your GS and DD. So gorgeous.
Sounds like everyone enjoyed the baby shower and I would have worn pink too.
Hope Sweet Hunter is getting better.

Michelle said...

Wonderful pictures. All of them. Looks like a wonderful time. When is your new grandbaby due to arrive?

Rhonda said...

awww- that looks like a lovely and fun shower. You have beautiful daughters and such sweet looking grandbabies.

how nice to be waiting on one more.

Angela said...

Val, you are so blessed to have such beautiful girlies. May May has such a "baby glow". Everything looked so pretty and the food sounds yummy. Glad you had a great day. Those grands are precious and too cute. Keeping my fingers crossed for a healthy baby girl!!!!! Hoping the Mister is feeling some better and will soon be good as new. Take care and a blessed Sunday to you.

Libby said...

She has to be the prettiest pregnant Mommy that I have ever seen!! Course all your girls are beautiful!! and Little D will make a sweet big brother!

Anonymous said...

Wow Val! Sweet Teen is as tall as you now~ How did that happen??? LOL

Congrats on your new grandbaby~ How exciting! You and hubby are the best grandparents, and I know this baby will be such a blessing!

Needled Mom said...

Hmmmm.....I am guessing blue!!! I really have no idea, but I love the fact that they are going to be surprised. It is so much better that way. Either way, she is a gorgeous expecting mommy.

Alice Grace said...

It was a beautiful shower! I enjoyed it so much and it was so good to see all my grandchildren and greats!
You all did a beautiful job with the food and decorating! Thanks so much!
I am hoping for a girl, but if it is a boy, it will be wonderful...look how wonderful Little D is! and he is such a loving and beautiful child! Ok, another boy will be grand!!!!!

Lola said...

What a lovely idea, "drop in" shower.
I've never heard of it but I like.
Still praying for Sweet Hunter.

lindsey said...

Lovely post, lovely photo's. The shower looks great and your daughter blooming!

Patricia said...

Val, you have a beautiful family. I have never heard of a drop in shower. That is a great idea.

Pat said...

You have the most attractive kids and grandkids, BUT....I guess that was to be expected since they have such a pretty mother/grandmother in YOU! I never heard of a drop-in shower but it does seem like a good idea!

Real Life Reslers said...

Your entire family is gorgeous!!!

webbsway said...

I agree , your family is precious . Your girls are all so beautiful as are the babies. Boy, Sweet Teen sure has grown-almost ready to leave the nest.

Good wishes still for The Mister"!
I'm betting on a girl baby. She is one of the most beautiful moms Ihave ever seen. Talk about a glow - she certainly has it.

Susannah said...

May-May is gorgeous and looks so happy! All of your daughters are very beautiful and look so much like you! At first glance my husband thought you were all sisters! I love the picture of you and "Sweet Teen". The grandkids always look so happy.

Take care, Val. I am still praying.......

Jenn said...

It looks like she stuffed a basketball under her dress. :) She's very pretty and "glowing"...I think it's a girl. She's carrying straight out front like I did with my girls.

Glenda said...

Your daughter looks absolutely beautiful pregnant! I know you're all getting excited as the time approaches. I'm praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby for her!