Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Inside Of Our Home Part 2

This is part of our Great Room.

This is the dining area.
The french doors lead out on to the screened in porch.

This is one of our 2 gas fireplaces.

This is our living room.
It has cathedral ceilings and lots of windows.
We did have sofa, love seat and oversized chair in this room
but my Mom gave us these chairs and I loved them so
I decided to simplify this room.

This is the same room showing all the windows looking out to
the front yard and down at the pond.

The kitchen is part of the great room.
We had these cabinets put in a few years ago.
I love the look of them.

This eat in area is also part of our great room.
This is where we eat most of the time.

This is part of the pantry area that is beside the kitchen.
It has a washer & dryer, refrigerator & more in it.
This is my main working area.

Master bedroom.
I LOVE it!

Guest Bathroom

Master Bathroom.
If we do sell, this is what I will miss the most!
I LOVE my big whirlpool tub!
As you read in our last post we have put our home for sale.
You can see the outside of our home HERE!
This post just shows a few things on the inside.
The basement is a whole house in itself.
It has a kitchen, living room, bathroom, laundry area, 2 bedrooms.
Then of course we also have the double wide on our property.
It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and has many upgrades.
Hope you enjoyed my little tour of part of our home.

TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR........sweet morning time.


Darla said...

Your home is so nice and huge! Did you read my comment on deadheading dahlias on your last post?

Michelle said...

BEAUTIFUL! It looks like it came from Better HOmes and Garden. It would make me sad to leave such a beautiful place.

Angela said...

Val, Don't think I ever got around to your last post on selling the house. I was so surprised! I love your place. Mr. P was very impressed. He would love all that land , but I don't blame you for downsizing. It has to be lots of work to keep a place up that large, and speaking of large, all that room you have in your home. It is beautiful. I could fill up each nook and cranny. It is beautiful. If it's meant to be, hope it sells soon and you have a new adventure awaiting you.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Val, I know the hard work and "elbow grease" that goes into these lovely pictures you have posted of your home's interior! I think you will get a kick out of the song I just posted on my blog!!!! It's about downsizing.

I'll be praying for the sale of your home.

Libby said...

I would buy it for the pantry alone!!! How great is that?? You have a lovely home! I will bet it sells quickly!

Lola said...

Your home is a palace. It should sell with no problems. And all that land to roam, the gardens to have. Plus a bonus of having another home near by. Ooooh boy.

Pat said...

LOVE your place...wish I lived close enough to visit in person. I've really taken a beating with this poison ivy over the past 8 days, so I didn't see your previous post...will go look at that now. Good luck selling your place.

webbsway said...

It is so lovely. We can see all the love and hard work that you guys have put into it.

Allie said...

I so wish I could buy it, hon. I just love your home. But yes, so much work....

Shauna said...

Val - you have a beautiful home and property. I'm sure it is a hard decision to leave but God will guide you each step of the way towards your new adventure. Blessings on you today!

PEA said...

Oh Val, your home is absolutely gorgeous and whoever ends up buying it will be getting quite a deal! All the extras and all that land, complete with pond, barn, etc...oh how I wish I could buy it!! I can understand, though, why you want to downsize, all that space would be perfect for a large family. It's so sad that when our children leave we're left with all that empty space. Have you decided on where you want to live once you sell this house? xoxo

Glenda said...

Oh my, your house is gorgeous, Val! I'll email you directions for the bandana bib. It's so easy to make!