Monday, September 26, 2011

Good Things

With the economy like it is everyone is looking for a way to save money.
My contract has been up on my cell phone.
I don't like being tied to a contract so I was looking for a phone that
I didn't have to commit my life too.

I found it at "WALmart!
Imagine that! Go Here if you want more info.
So far so good.
On my other phone I had unlimited talk and 200 texts.
This phone is unlimited talk, text, and internet and
I am saving half what I was paying.
I love the fact that I am not bound to a contract!

I love this cooler weather so I served our supper out
on our screened in porch.

"Sweet Hunter" loves to come home
and have supper done and waiting on him.

Lemon Pepper tilapia
Creamed spinach
Corn on the cob
See we do eat healthier at home!!!

You can't tell it in this picture but it was pouring rain.
It was so nice to eat out on our porch with the rain coming down.

"Sweet Hunter" knows how to get on my good side!!
When he washes dishes, he has me at HELLO!!!

My daughter, "Big Sis" gave me this book with
lots of crocheting patterns for slippers in it.
I am so excited and can't wait to try to make a pair but
it will have to wait.......
Don't ask me what I did because I have no idea!
But I do know it hurts.
I sure do miss my crocheting though.
I haven't crocheted in about a week.
But it is getting better with prednisone & keeping it still.
This has been a hard thing for me to do
since I am learning how much I love hand work.



Michelle said...

I hope it feels better soon. Hmmm...maybe too much handwork??

BECKY said...

Oh Val..I loved this entire post..other than seeing your wrist is hurt! As soon as I read your post about getting a cell phone at Walmart, I hoped it was Straight Talk, because that's what we've had for over a year. Fantastic! Our college son has unlimited calls and unlimited texting, and I agree, it's wonderful!
Also, everything on your dinner plate looks so yummy! I just had a trip to an oral surgeon today and can't eat things like that for a little while..but my mouth is already watering. AND, my hubby has me at Hello, too, whenever he helps around the house! :)

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh wow Val, I hope you hand will be better soon.

caknitter said...

A no contract phone is the only way to go.
I really hope your hand feels better soon. I saw knitting all day yesterday and my hand stiffened up a lot. With a little rest, it feels better now.:-)

Alice Grace said...

I love the idea of your dinner on the screened in porch with the rain coming down. Sorry about your wrist!

Darla said...

Sweet Hunter is spoiled, lol. Glad to see your rain. Do take care of your wrist.

Rhonda said...

so sorry about your wrist.

Hubby and I have been using Tracfones for almost 3 years. Like you, we don't like contracts. We have great coverage and service with Tracfone and it costs so little.

Allie said...

No contracts for me either - I hardly use my cell phone, so a Tracfone works for me. $20 every three months. Your dinner looks amazing, and I can't think of a better spot to eat - especially with the rain, love it! Girl, I hope your wrist heals soon, you might want to cut back a bit on your crocheting - I finally had to give it up, and I was so sad! Don't let yourself get to that point, ok?

Real Life Reslers said...

I personally feel doing dishes, vacuuming, etc is the sexiest thing a husband can do!! I hope your arm/hand feels better soon :)

Lori said...

Acts of service is my love language as well. Anything that he does in the house always gets him on my good side. :) Hope your wrist feels better soon. Owwweee!

Jenn said...

You two have such a romantic life together...romance isn't big, fancy's the every day, the love for each other, the little shows in your relationship! I want us to be like that when we are older. You inspire me!! So sorry about your wrist. I know how it feels. I have carpal tunnel in mine really bad and when I knit alot, it hurts something awful!! Hoping for a speedy recovery!! Love and Hugs~

Anonymous said...

Maybe I will do what you did re the cell phone. I feel the same way about the contracts and I'm going to check into it. I love your photos, and the dinner looks so good, although I'll 'fess up that I know I wouldn't eat the spinach. Just don't care for it unless it is fresh in a salad, not cooked. Sorry about your arm pain thing and I hope you're soon on the mend.

Lola said...

Oh to have a porch, more so if it was screened in. Love it.
Do take care of your wrist. I know what it means to not be able to use. Sprained my shoulder just trying to vacuum. lol Meds make me loopy.
Hope you feel much better soon.
Love my Tracfone.

Shauna said...

Sorry to hear about your arm. I hope that it is better really soon! *Hugs*

webbsway said...

Wow - I love this post too! I could just plop right down and enjoy that wonderful meal too. Everything Always tastes better when served outside.

I am so sorry about your hand! I remember that crochet book because I wanted it when it first came out-way back when .LOL I really like crocheting things that we can all USE!

I am like these rest of your "buds" - I hate contracts also. Our contract is out -but I keep getting phones on E-bay and having them activated when one of us kills our phone. Our world is just so uncertain and if you don't live up to that contract they charge an exorbitant fee to let you out of it - so IF you do not have the money for the month - how are you suppose to have money for that fee??????? Did I really hear someone say 20.00 for 3 months?????

Needled Mom said...

Just catching up here, Val. It looks like you have been busy and enjoying your family.

I hope the arm gets better soon. That brace does not make for easy crocheting. ;(

StitchinByTheLake said...

Val tell me more about the phone - I sure need to cut my bill! blessings, marlene