Friday, September 23, 2011

A Night At "Our Little Hilton"

When "Big Sis" & Lane and "Angel & Brother" got to
"our little hilton" and the guys went hunting
this is what I found the girls doing.
Do you remember that word search book?
Granny gave it to me.

If you remember, the thugs that vandalized
"our little hilton" took one of my horseshoe stakes!
The other one they dropped out at the gate as they were leaving.
Nevertheless, Lane found another stake for us to use so
they didn't stop us from playing horseshoes!
I don't know how I caught "Angel" jumping up on Lanes back!!!
I love cooking outside on the fire.
There is just something about it.
We were going to fry some potatoes.
Imagine that!!

"Big Sis" brought the ingredients for s'mores!!!
"Angel" was getting the cheese ready for the hot dogs!
The potatoes are on the fire!

There is just something about being outside with a fire!

Well the hunters are back and "Brother" was starving!!!

We were all relaxing around the fire after we had eaten
and then all of the sudden.................
Mr. Fox came for his food!
He got so close to us.
Of course I had my camera in hand.
"Sweet Hunter" & Lane were the only ones left outside after that.
The rest of us ran in the house!!!
Here is "Angel" calling her Mom to tell her all about it.
She was the first one to run in!!!
She was so scared.
"Big Sis" was next and then me & "Brother!!!

As we got calmed down from the fox I looked at this little hunter
and he looked so sleepy.

"Angel" was ready to learn how to do hexies then but it was
so late we decided to go to bed and start again tomorrow.
You gotta just love "Brother" yawning!!!
So off to bed we all went!!

TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR .........our sweet visitors!
(Not Mr. Fox!)


webbsway said...

Well, I can see that you guys did not waste a single moment of this most beautiful day. I could not help but think that you put it to perfect use.

I had to laugh at your "foxie" adventure. The first thing that popped in my head was , "just imagine how you would feel if you were a chicken! Then I got a bigger chuckle at that because I had just finished another crocheted chicken and I think she is so cute. The problem I have with these gals is paying attention to my counting !!!

I was tickled to see that you all figured out how to fix the horse-shoes! When I was little my granddaddy lived in N.C. and when Mama and Dad would go for a visit the men would pull out the horse shoes and have such friendly matches. They would laugh and concentrate and have such fun . I have noticed lately that people do not do that now a days?? There was a group of construction fellows that rented a little house this Summer and they set up really nice horse shoe pits and the memory came flooding back on me.

You are so right about food outdoors over a fire and I am betting with this little cooler weather that the mosquitoes are not as bad either.

Hope you gals get to work on those "hexies" !

Rhonda said...

Looks like lots of sweet fun, except for the fox.

Michelle said...

I would have run inside too! Looks like you had fun while it lasted though!

Pat said...

Oh...I'm sure my old Grammy legs would have beaten Angel inside once that fox appeared!!! I love campfires, too. (Did you get to eat any s'mores before Mr. Fox showed up?)

Angela said...

Looks like an almost perfect day and evening with the exception of the unwelcome guest. I would have ran for cover also. Sitting around the campfire relaxing sounds so inviting. Would love to feel that relaxed feeling after a very stressful week. So glad you guys got to get away and have fun. Those kids sure looks like they are enjoying themselves. And those potatoes look yummy. Food outside takes on a wonderful taste of its own. Take care

Darla said...

What a great time at the Hilton. It's not good when animals in the wild are not scared of careful!

Holly said...

What fun! Those potatoes look delicious! I am a true potato girl. :) I don't blame you for running inside from the fox! I would have been one of the first ones inside! Yikes! Hope you have a great weekend!

Love Bears All Things said...

Brave Fox to get so close. If he'd kept his distance, I would have stayed....if not I would have gone in, also.
This looks like so much fun.
Wonder Boy has already reminded me to buy crackers and chocolate for s'mores. Last time, I only had marshmallows. They are looking forward to the first wiener roast. We could have had it last night as we had our first outdoor fire of the season. However it was their Dad's weekend. Its hard to get used to this.
Mama Bear

Lola said...

Such a good time for all. Animals are nice but when they don't fear humans I worry about rabies. I do like to watch them. Or could it just be curiosity?

caknitter said...

After seeing that fox, I wouldn't have given it a second thought about staying outside either. Lol
Looks like a great "Hilton" week/weekend getaway.

Alice Grace said...

What a fun time you all had! I know Angel and Brother loved being there and seeing the wild fox. Of course it was scary but exciting!

Real Life Reslers said...

I would have run right inside too!!

Shauna said...

Such fun you have been having at your little 'hilton' and to share with the grands is even better!!!

Loralynn said...

I love this post! Thank you for the lovely peek into your day. I hope you know how blessed you are. Lot's of times we don't see our lives the same way as someone peeking in the window, or in someones blog, and this was an absolutely charming day. Thanks for sharing it with us.