Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Before We Left

Before we left to go to "Our Little Hilton" last week I went to my crochet class.
I haven't been there in about 3 weeks because of my hand hurting.
I just had to show you this picture of something one of the ladies had made.
Isn't it darling?

And a blanket to match!!!
I did crochet a little that day but my hand
 is still healing and I am trying to be careful.
I just loved this little set that she crocheted.
Then on our way out we stopped by to see our "Little D" & "Brudder."
I have helped "May May" for about a week and a half but now she has it under control.
She loves being a "Mom"!
I love this stacking container.
My Mother gave it to me. It was her Mother's.
My Grandma bought this with S & H green stamps.
Do you remember those???
It sure makes it easy to carry supper to someone.

I asked my daughter what she wanted for supper and she requested
Pintos, mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese & cornbread.
You can tell she grew up a country girl!!!

I always put up these pickled green tomatoes.
I got this recipe from my husbands Granny many years ago.
You can go to my Cooking Blog to get the recipe.
"May May" loves peach cobbler too!!!
You can go Here to get this easy recipe.
Hey Behki.....this recipe  is just for YOU!!!
While I was at my daughters house we whipped these up.
I took some with us to "our little hilton"!
I have made these before with Rolo's and got them from Heidi's  blog.
This time we used Hershey's kissses and I got this idea from Pinterest!
Do you pin?
One of  "May May's" friends made them with the white hersheys kisses.
I LOVED them!!!

Do you remember when I crocheted these for "May May"?
These cuddle cocoons were for our granddaugher!!!
But our granddaugher ended up being a "Brudder"
and we could not be happier.  He is perfect.
 But there is a problem.

I had started this baby boy's snuggle sack before the birth  just in case he was a boy and since he was, I really need to finish this!!
But because of this thumb pain........

TODAY I AM THANKFUL THAT......."Brudder" passed  his hearing test!!!
The first night after our baby was born, a nurse came in at 1 a.m. in the morning
and told my daughter & son in law that their baby failed the hearing test.
Well you can imagine how they felt. But then they were suppose to
bring him back and have the test redone. She took him today and he passed!!!!
I have to tell you that the strength of my daughter & son in law was amazing.
And that made me think of one of my blogging friends, Glenda.  This family is so strong and a very loving family. This grandmother doesn't post much because she is busy helping with her grandchildren.  You can go Here  to read about their special grandbaby.
They are so blessed with 3 grands but one of them needs extra care. 
This family is an example to me!
(makes my complaining seem so silly) 
God Bless Mendy(the Mom) & Glenda (the grandmother) & family!!


Alice Grace said...

Looks like a lot of great food, and sweet sweet children! I know you enjoyed going by to see them on the way. I hope your hand gets better soon so you can get back to making those beautiful crocheted items.

Rhonda said...

Hi Val, no I have never seen that kind of food carrier but I sure like it. I guess that is how we managed before Ziploc containers.

your grandsons are so sweet and I am glad the hearing test worked out OK.
But I am sorry about your hand pain. That kind of stuff sure slows us down and affects our moods, doesn't it?

Allie said...

Darling little baby set! Now you just let your hand heal dear girl, and don't go making it worse. That pic of you with your grandbabies is precious! Shame on you for making me so hungry with all the pics of that great food. I think I'll pop over for dinner [I wish!]. Praising God that Brudder passed his hearing test!

Glenda said...

Oh, Val, I'm so glad to hear that "brudder" is 100% healthy! You all must have been on pins and needles while waiting for that test! I read what you wrote about us to Mendy today and she teared up. It was such a sweet compliment. Please keep her in your prayers, as the other two children are experiencing a stomach virus right now and we've spent the last two days cleaning up and doing lots of laundry. Remarkably, Lilly hasn't gotten it yet. I told sweet Lilly today, that for the first time, she's the healthiest child in the family! :)
Hugs to you!

Susannah said...

Hello Val.....Wonderful news to hear your grandson's hearing is okay. Thank you, God!

Beautiful crocheted baby set. My goodness...hope your hand gets better soon so you can continue your crocheting!

webbsway said...

I do remember the green stamps well- a lot of neat treasures with them. : )

Love the look of the blue cocoon - it is so precious. Tell that hand that I said to GET BETTER and GET WITH THE PROGRAM! LOL

PEA said...

Omigosh, that little crocheted set is so darling. I'm always amazed at how talented some women are at crocheting. My mom use to crochet afghans a lot when the boys were younger but hasn't made any in years now.

I've never seen stacking containers like that, what a wonderful item to have from your grandmother! The meal you made for your daughter looks simply delicious. Those treats look soooo yummy as well, I want to make some with Rolo since I love anything with chocolate and caramel:-) xoxo

PEA said...

Oops, forgot to add that I'm so glad that "brudder" passed his hearing test this time!! xoxo