Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Night Sew In

Hosted by Heidi & Bobbi!!
Thank you both for all your motivation.
Today started out great!
I was so excited about this FNSI!

Clean house......check!
I don't like Chinese food and I don't like rice,
but I love this rice at this Chinese place. 
I actually think it is the soy sauce that I like.
Lot's of soy sauce!!!
Late lunch or early supper on the porch!
Enjoying the view.

Listening to the thunder and waiting on the rain.
Easy, quick supper for "Sweet Hunter".

P.J.'s ready for the Friday Night Sew In.
Things could not be going any better.

Fabric ready.
I knew exacty what I wanted to do. 
I repinned something on my friend, Krista's board on Pinterest.
By the way, you need to visit her blog. Just click on her name.
She has such a ministry with her words.
She will bless your heart.

It looked so easy in the video!
Ten minute project????
Everything's going great!

Until I turned it right side out!!!
Does that look like a mitered corner to you?
I was so disappointed. 
I must have done something wrong...really wrong!! ( smile)
You can click on the picture of the video and it should take you there.
It really does look so easy.
So I started another project!!
Nothing completed tonight. 
I knew today was going too good!
But I still enjoyed my time in my sewing room!!!
Today made me think of Granny's verse:
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Philippians 4:13
Don't forget to pop in and visit my daughter, "May May's Blog!
Go visit my Mother's blog and see the quilt she made. It is so beautiful.


Alice Grace said...

Oh, I love this post! You will get that corner right I am sure! I have a problem with that sometimes also. Thanks for mentioning my quilt.
Love you.

PEA said...

Oh dear, no, that doesn't look like a mitered corner! hehe Oh well, at least the rest of your day was perfect! lol

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and yours, dear Valerie:-) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, Val. I know you enjoy that lovely view from your porch / deck and what a nice place to enjoy a meal. I don't eat chinese food and I dislike soy sauce so if I was visiting I'd bring a brown bag to join you, ha ha, but the iced tea would make up for it. ha ha, just kidding around
Love your jammies for the FNSI. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

Quilter Kathy said...

FNSI is definitely about the process for me...the outcome is a benefit :) I'm sure you'll figure out where that corner went wrong. I do the same thing...jump to another project when I hit a snag...always lots to work on!

Nancy said...

I am sorry for your frustration. It happens to us all but I love your attitude-it was great to get in there.

Teresa said...

Oh how frustrating! Been there a few times myself. I'm sure you'll be able to solve whatever happened and fall in love with that pattern again. It really is cute.

Manda said...

Oops, never mind your braver than me i haven't tried that yet! I am sure you will fix it soon! :)

Darla said...

I use Granny's verse a lot too.

Krista said...

I haven't tried that pattern yet, and the lady in the video makes it look so easy. I trust you'll figure it out because if you can't do it then there is no way that I can...You know I am still an amateur.

Thank you for mentioning my blog!