Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hooter Hider????

This is a sewing machine that my "Sweet Hunter" bought me over 30 years ago.
It has been put up for a while until about a week ago. 
 I decided to get it out and do something different.

So I made this for my daughter, "May May"!
I was so excited about it.
Are you wondering what it is?
I thought it was called a nursing cover but when I gave it
to "May May", she was so excited and yelled....
A Hooter Hider! A Hooter Hider!
I thought I would have to explain what it was!
I guess not. lol
It is so cute if I say so myself. Look at those little feet sticking out.
  It is light weight and has a strap to go around her neck.
Then between the straps I put boning inside the casing.
This enables the Mom to see the baby and the baby to see the Mom at the same time
as you hide your hooters (smile) from everyone else!!!

I also made my grandson a little baby bunting.
He loves to be swaddled so I thought this would help Mommy.
I haven't added the velcro yet because I needed to see him in it.
It fit him so good.
Is he a little doll or what?
"May May" texted me this picture tonight showing the
"hooter hider" in the diaper bag ready to go!
Then she sent this picture showing me that the "hooter hider"
is multifunctional!!! She is so funny!
Then she called me and told me that as they were walking through the
store, "Brudder" got hungry.  Normally she would go to the car or a private place
but not tonight!
She was able to walk through the store while feeding the baby covered up with the "hooter hider"!! I LOVE it!
Don't forget to visit her blog. Click HERE.
 I am also linking up with OPAM!
As many of you know, I haven't felt the greatest lately.
 Just wanted you to know that I am getting better all the time.
When my hands and shoulder hurt so bad, my doctor told me that it was arthritis and
gave me meds to help with the pain. (I hate medicine).
 She basically told me that I would have to live with it.
"Sweet Hunter" kept telling me to go to chiropractor, so I finally did.
It has been 3 weeks now and I don't have a lot of pain in my hands anymore.
I never knew that they could adjust your thumbs.  The shoulder is taking some time, but is
so much better. I am not even on the medicine anymore.
I was so sad because I couldn't crochet anymore, (or right now, anyway) so I started sewing!!!
Please continue to pray for me along with many unspoken request for my friends..


Michelle said...

That is so cool!

Susannah said...

Oh...Heavenly Days! You can just tell you are getting back to your old self, Val! I am so glad that you wrote in red what you did. Makes me feel so good. The prayers must be working! God bless you!!

AND...the hooter hider!!!!! What a great invention. These young girls come up with the cutest sayings! Making me laugh right out loud.

Sweet dreams,

webbsway said...

Yes, dear Val,
I think you have your "MoJo" working once again! I LOVE both of the accessories for the young Mother & her son! LOL

there were many times when I could have used these Beautiful TOOLs! I was wishing for your bunting earlier this week when the great-grandbaby came for a visit. I love the fabric you used!

Holly said...

Love it! What a cool idea! "Brudder" is precious. I am so glad you are feeling better and hope it only continues to improve!

Krista said...

So glad to see you blogging again. I have a lot more time on my hands now so I've been trying to post more too. I've had so much going on that most of my posts seem to be depressing but not anymore! I decided that from now on I'm going to remember that I've got to make lemonade! HAHA

I hate to hear about 'ole author' giving you trouble...that's what Charlie's parents called it. I have arthritis in my joints; hands, feet/ankles, knees, etc. Sometimes it is a miserable feeling. It did help when I went to the chiropractor. Now, I just try to exercise them as much as I can and take SAM-e or Chondroitin/Glucosamine vitamins.

caknitter said...

Oh my gosh, Val, I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well, but good to know you are getting better. Arthritis is no fun, especially when it keeps you from doing what you love most.
Your baby grandson is the cutest little thing!
I love the hooter hider and baby bunting. Even though you can't crochet, the creative juices are still flowing strong.

lindsey said...

You are so clever! My daughter had one of these that she bought from the internet when she was feeding her twins. We often laughed at the sounds coming from behind when they were both feeding together! Where do you find the 'bone' to go around the top? Not sure we have anything like that in the UK

Anonymous said...

You are funny! What a great gift for May May. :)

Glad you are starting to feel better. Hang in there!!!

Allie said...

What a great idea - and how gorgeous is that baby!!! And I love the bunting. My boys loved to be swaddled too.

I'm so glad the chiro is helping, hon. I don't do much crochet anymore because of my hands, but if I do, I do it in small bites. I used to sit for hours on end, but can't now...maybe 1/2 hour at a time. Praying you just keep getting better, sweetie!

Jenn said...

Val, I would *NEVER* go to a bathroom to nurse a baby. That is just gross. She should not ever feel like she has to go there to feed her baby. She wouldn't eat her lunch in a bathroom, with all the germs that are in there...not to mention the smell. Why should her baby? She has nothing to be ashamed of. I have never used a hooter hider. I wear a belly-wrap around my midsection, so my fat rolls aren't showing when I lift my shirt and I cover my baby with a blanket...but that is all I have ever done and I just sit anywhere I can find a place and nurse. She shouldn't have to hide in a bathroom or go to the car. She isn't doing anything wrong! I have nursed 6 babies over the course of about 12 years. I want your daughter to know that she is supported and that she is doing a beautiful, natural thing and has nothing to be ashamed of.

Needled Mom said...

Great sewing projects, Val, and that little one is adorable!!

I'm glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and I hope you continue to improve.

Darla said...

Adorable! Glad you are feeling some better. I cannot get my brand new sewing machine to lift the bobbin thread, do you have an idea of what might be wrong? I have threaded and rethreaded until my eyes are crossed.

Patty Sumner said...

The "hooter hider" is just way to cute and useful. I love that idea. You are really good at all this sewing....I am hoping I can get through an I am glad you are feeling better. I have been going through much of the same thing. So much pain in my low back, hip and shoulder. The tests show arthritis, and degernerative disk disease. My Doc sent me to go through manipulating from the Dr in the same bldg. Much like what a chiro would do. It has helped some. I still have to go several more times. I hope you feel better soon. I miss you when you are not around in Blog Land. Blessings!

Alice Grace said...

You did great sewing those items for the baby and Mandy! I am so glad the chiropractor is helping you so much. It is so much better to not have to take all that medicine, I know.
Beautiful work!

Mandy said...

So, I do just love my goodies! I am sad that you feel bad but am so happy that you are thinking "outside of your box" so that you are able to still be so creative. Thank you very much!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Wow, I clicked 'post a comment' and your NEW post popped made me laugh - so I commented there and now I'm back here.
Love the Hooter Hider...nice idea.
I'm glad you are feeling much better. I can sympathize about the Arth. - I have it too and it's crazy some days. almost everything hurts!

PEA said...

A hooter hider....LOVE IT! lol I'll have to remember that!! hehe I wonder if my daughter in law has anything like that for when she feeds Chloe in public:-) I'm going to see them next weekend since Chloe is being christened and am so excited.

I'm so glad you decided to go see a chiropractor and that it's helping you a lot! My prayers are still with you. xoxo