9 Years Ago

Our first Grandson 9 years ago today!
As you can tell his Papaw was ready and waiting with a football!
Just a few random pictures of our big boy!


Can you tell he is a Papaws boy?

Our little grandson is sick on his birthday!!!
Hope you feel better soon!!
We love you!


Allie said…
Happy Happy Birthday - oh I hope he feels better soon, it's terrible to be sick on your birthday!!!! I hope you feel better soon too, sweetie!
Anonymous said…
Love this boy!!!!!

Big Sis
Anonymous said…
Awwww...Happy Birthday to your dear grandson!!! So sorry he is sick~ He is a handsome guy! You must be so proud of him! :) ♥♥♥
caknitter said…
Wow, May is flled with birthdays. Happy Birthday to Brother!! No fun being sick on your birthday but, I'm sure when he is well, he'll make upt for lost time. ;-)
Darla said…
He looks like his Paw paw too! How did your injection go and did you get the MRI with contrast? MY hip injections are with contrast. I am far behind on answering email and comments...I have just recently tried my hand at these new craft mediums. I would like to sell them and get in some craft fairs.
Alice Grace said…
Happy birthday Brett! What a very fine boy you are! I am so proud of you. Hope you feel better. Nana loves you!
Charme said…
Val, what fun to have a blog that celebrates home and family. I can see that you enjoy doing this--isn't it fun to have this kind of technology!

Thanks for reading my posts too. I have to correct you though, I was never an A student--I was too busy playing basketball and having fun. So, I was getting As in social life!

Blessings on you and yours