One Day At A Time

Mom has come a long way since I have updated you. Today I curled her hair and told her to go look
in the mirror and see if it looked ok.
All of the sudden, I realized she was not holding on to anything!
Go Mom!

Mom has a long way to go but she has really done so good! I am so much like my Mom. Me & drugs don't do well. Mom can't handle them either. I am mean when I have had to have them. Mom is just kind of depressed. I know it is not fun for her but I really think she is doing great. She has not turned down any therapy at all. She is the strongest person I know. She doesn't see that though.  If that had been me, and going through what she has went through, I would be the biggest baby!

I gave her this verse tonight:
Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.
Please keep praying for her!
 She told me to tell you all,  thank you for the prayers, but please don't stop praying!


Susannah said…
Such happy news to hear Mom is coming along. Things do take time but she is very strong and she can do it. Give her our best and tell her I am really seriously praying for her and the whole family.
I want her to feel so much better very soon.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the update and I continue to pray.
Marie said…
Oh Val I am so proud of your mom! What a blessing she is. Iknow this has been rough but look at her go! I have had back surgery and both knees replaced and I am afraid I was a whimp!Prayer for you all! Hugs, Marie
Sarah Beth said…
Your mom and you both encourage me. I've been praying for you both. I live daily with chronic illness and I sometimes get so discouraged. But your faith is strong. Sometimes mine is strong but when I'm in pain like I am today..its nerve pain in my sacral joint area which means it hurts to sit, stand, and lay down. Would you please pray for me too. Give your mom a hug for me. I know how hard it is to have to rehab from serious surgery.thanks. God bless you and keep you,'let his countenance shine down on you and give you peace. My fav verse is matt6:33 first His kingdom and righteousness and all this will be added unto you. Also Psalm 139. It reminds me how much God loves us in a very personal way.
Becky Garrison said…
Val, I am so glad that your sweet Mama is doing better! I was very surprised to see her standing and working on her hair! Keeping you both in my prayers, Becky
Anonymous said…
Hi Val, I have been trying to keep up with your posts about your mom. I missed the posts that explained what caused her back problems that required surgery. She is an amazing woman. My mom is also in the hospital and I've been visiting her. She is feeling somewhat better but her overall health is not great. Hugs xo c
Anonymous said…
Praise the LORD about your dear mom!!! He is faithful!!!
I don't like medications either and pray that before long I can get off mine! It is all in His hands! ♥♥♥
Mama Pea said…
Such good news! (Nothing like having your hair looking decent to make any one of us gals get up and stand alone!!) Great, great news that she's pushing on with her therapy. That will enable her to get back to normal all the sooner.

My mom always had a bad reaction to drugs, too. First she would be very sick (lots of "womiting" as James Herriot would say)and then she would get very vocal saying things that we would all like to say but kept inside for fear of saying the wrong thing. It was actually kinda funny. We knew she wasn't aware of what she was saying so just let most of it pass but got more than one chuckle out of the other things!

Continuing to send best wishes for you mom's speedy recovery. Good to see this update.
Allie said…
I am so glad to hear this good news, hon, and will continue to pray for her!!
Shauna said…
Rejoicing with you regarding your mom. She's coming along nicely. I'm sure your mom is strong because of the support she has from you as well as her faith in God! :) God is good! Cast all your care on Him for he careth for you. (1 Peter 5:7)
Connie said…
Good news, will continue to kept her in our prayer!!

So glad to hear that your mom is doing better. The drugs do the same thing to me, get depressed. I hope she will recover quickly. Blessing to you Val.