My Little Friends

One of the things I loved about living out in the country was my birds!
I was so afraid that I would not have as many here in the city as I did
when we lived out in the country BUT I do!!!
I even have a couple of pet chipmunks! (better known as a ground squirrel!)
I LOVE it!


Rhonda said…
Very nice pictures, how do you get such good close ups?
Becky Garrison said…
Aren't the birds so much fun??? I enjoy feeding them and watching them visit my feeders. I have my hummingbird feeders out now too, as they should be sending out their scouts any time now. I really should make some fresh nectar to replace what is in them ... don't want them passing me by because the nectar isn't good! I love when you share little bits of joy with us! Becky
Mama Pea said…
Do your little chipmunks bother anything in your garden?
Needled Mom said…
What fun and pretty little critters, Val.
Wish we had those Chippies...I love them but haven't seen any here...My friends can't believe we feed the Squirrels...
We saw a pair of adult bunnies on Saturday...I'm hoping for babies soon.
By the way, I do dry my towels, sheets and underwear completely.
Thanks for stopping by.
Mama Bear