My New Bird Feeders

My grandson, "Brother" and I went to Tractor Supply the other day
and he saw a bird feeder he wanted me to buy.

It was on sale so that was a good thing!
And I think they like it!!!
I have also been looking for a bird feeder like I had before I moved.
I left it at the house we sold.
I have really missed it too.

I found one at Amazon almost like it.
It holds 11 lbs of seed but as you can imagine
that doesn't last long here!
I think my little birdies like the feeder!

I think my Grosbeaks like it too!
The males won't let the female come and eat
so she sits on top and waits on her turn!
So far I have seen 7 male Grosbeaks and 3 females
at one time.
Some of my birds like the leftovers on the ground!
Some just sit and wait.

 The woodpecker likes the old feeder!
When he comes everyone flies away!

The Female Grosbeaks can hold their own when
fighting the woodpecker.
Looks like she is sneaking around!
I guess you can tell that I am still having fun with my birds!


Patty Sumner said…
Great pica of all the birds. One of my most faborote things to coos watch the birds. I hope tl get feeders ul someday soon. Always apleasure to visit with you. So glad your weekend went well. Blessings!
Needled Mom said…
Isn't it great fun to sit and watch the activity at the feeders. Ours abandon the feeders when the bluejay arrives.
Susannah said…
Feeding the birds is a wonderful hobby. Right now we are hoping our hummingbirds show up for the summer. All the feeders are clean, filled and in the old lilac tree.
Let us know if you get any new bird, Val. I would love to see them.
Becky Garrison said…
Val, I am so envious! Don't the squirrels bother your feeders? I feel like I spend half my time putting out fresh food and the other half fighting squirrels off my feeders! And the indigo buntings ... just gorgeous! I do have two male rose breasted grosbeaks and 1 female, and a wide variety of other birds, but your yard looks more inviting than mine apparently! :) B.
Anonymous said…
I am so enjoying your adventure with the birds! As you know, I have started birdwatching also, and my yellow finches are my main birds, altho I do have two of the redbrested grossbeaks and one female. Thanks for sharing your wonderful joy of birdwatching!
Holly said…
How neat! Darbee has asked about us getting a bird feeder and seeing your pictures makes me really want one too!