Friday, May 3, 2013

My Bird Bath

This is what I started out with.

Just a plastic bowl and lid.

And then...thanks to my Mother, I now own a real bird bath!!!
The crazy thing is that I had several over in the country but sold them
so I wouldn't have to move them!

It didn't take long before they discovered it!
Thanks Mom!!!

I just loved this picture!
Female Grosbeak and a Cardinal!

I haven't had many red birds until the last couple of days!

I think they are just beautiful!

I think this is some kind of finch.
I will tell you this. They are not scared of me at all!

Another picture of a female grosbeak!
We think they look like a baby hawk.

My Mother has about 100 of these yellow finches!
I only have a couple of them.
He is on a bag full of Niger Seed!
My BFF Vicki told me that they love it and they do!

I can't leave without showing you one of my Male Grosbeaks!
So far I have seen 7 males and 3 females all at one time!!!
Still loving this birdwatching!!!


Jeannie B. said...

I love your birds!

Susannah said...

This bird feeding and watching will probably stick with you the rest of your life now. These are nice pictures. My sister in SC said she had cedar waxwings yesterday. They usually head north about this be on the look out for them. I hope you get more yellow finches. so sweet of Mom to give you the beautiful bird bath. I hope your Mom is doing much better still.


Becky Garrison said...

I do believe you are hooked!!! But so am I ... it is so much fun watching the birds! The one you thought was some kind of finch is a female, either a house finch (my guess) or possibly a purple finch. The 'yellow' finch is a Goldfinch. And you are a lucky girl to have that many grosbeaks! I have 2 or 3 males and 1 or 2 females, but the squirrels won't hardly let them have a chance at the feeder. Have fun! B.

Anonymous said...

The bird photos are gorgeous. Glad your Mom gave you the bird bath.

SuperMomNoCape said...

When we lived on our little acreage, we used to go through several bags of Niger seed each year to feed the yellow finches. They were such fun to watch. You'll have fun watching the birds come for drinks and baths at the birdbath.