I Just Thought It Was Over


After 2 full days and nights of rain, rain, rain....
We finally saw the sunshine today!
When this little guy came sneaking out I thought the storm was over.
The fighting for the bird seed had started.
My 4 little chipmunks came out!
Even this squirrel figured out a way to get in to this
squirrel proof bird feeder!
They haven't bothered it before but they did today!
It is wired together so he can't get the lid off now!

So "Sweet Hunter" put up our new umbrella
 and said he wanted to have
dinner outside.
White beans, slaw, macaroni and cheese, fried potatoes and cornbread!
And it was yummy!
After dinner we filled up all the feeders and assumed the rain was over.
Then it came.....Rain, Hail, lightening, winds!
It was so windy it took our umbrella and lifted the table up!
And of course, this all happened right after "Sweet Hunter"
went to take his Mother a plate of food.
I called "Sweet Hunter" and told him about the storm.
He told me to go out and get the umbrella and table up!
Yeah, right!!!
I opened the door and the umbrella was right in front of the door and
with all the hail, lightening, rain and winds, I just closed the door
and waited until he came home.
That just shows you though it is not over until it's over!!!!
You never know with these storms!!!
He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still.
Psalm 107:29 



Becky Garrison said…
Val, when you think it's over but not sure, go here >>>


You can put in your address and see all the stuff that is around you. Storms, rain, etc. I check it out often! :)

The squirrels have been eating me out of house and home! :(
Michelle said…
Is your umbrella stand bent? Glad you are ok!
Rhonda said…
We just had a hard freeze in May in Oklahoma where the last one is usually mid March. We have the heater on,

Crazy weather this year. It is never boring though.
Wow what a storm! Don't those squirrels drive you crazy!! We finally won the battle when we bought the Squirrel Buster. It's the best purchase I ever made. And now I can enjoy seeing the BIRDS eat the food :-)
caknitter said…
Glad you didn't go out to grab the umbrella. I can just imagine you holding it and lightning strikes. Holy moly!
NanaNor's said…
Hi there, Your weather sounds like what we are expecting this week. I loved seeing all your wildlife. We have a wild bunny that visits but now that our little dog "Hunter"eats the poop and has gotten sick, I hope the bunny will stay away. I can't put seed out for the birds because we will get aggressive birds that kill all the small sparrows and finches. Hope you get some sunshine.
Hugs, Noreen
Anonymous said…
We are tired of the rain but we're thankful that Lake Lanier is full for the first time in years!
I hope your umbrella is not ruined.
Your supper sure looks tasty to me.
Hope you have a good evening, Val.
Shauna said…
Looks like quite the storm that you had. We had a wind last night that was absolutely crazy. Hope your evening was nice.