I Won Again!!!!

I've been married to this man almost 35 years and when it
comes to fishing or hunting he is serious!!
He's telling me here that I can't catch a fish with the camera
in my hand! lol

He's putting new line and hooks on his and says mine is fine!!!

When he gets the cigar out you know he is serious now!!!
I'm standing on the bank fishing but with camera in hand
watching the geese and taking pictures!
See the babies?

He wades out pretty far and doesn't talk except to the fish!!!
(the ones that get away! lol)

I did get hung up one time and pulled my hook and sinker off
and he had to come in and fix it!
I think I messed up his concentration!!!

Because I won!!!!
We always compete in fishing to see who catches the most and the biggest.
I will admit that we did catch the same amount of fish but mine was the biggest
and this fish was not it.  This is just the only picture he took of one of my fish!!!
What can I say???? (smile)


Anonymous said…
I know exactly where you are fishing! I have fished that very same hole for the past 12 yrs. lol! You go girl! Good times, Good times!! Love you guys! Vicki
Needled Mom said…
Too cute! Congratulations.
Congrats on your catch! Lucky you all, fresh fish! Yum yum!
caknitter said…
Yay, congratulations!
Michelle said…
You guys are just too cute!
Rhonda said…
Are you wearing waders? Must be true love :)
We both love to fish also, but its been a long time since we did. Lately there has been talk of getting into it again now that Honey Bear is retired, sorta, and old enough not to need a license..just need to find the right place.
Mama Bear
grandmarockton said…
You'd think by NOW he'd learned MOMMA's ALWAYS RIGHT!