Thank You Prayer

My best friend Vicki is truly a miracle!
After being in ICU on a ventilator fighting for her life,
she was moved in a regular room!

Physical Therapy told me that I could take her on a ride
in the wheel chair for about 10 minutes. I took her and showed her
where we all were while she was in ICU. We also went to the chapel
where we prayed for her.
Then I  took her down to the "Garden of Hope"!

There were several plaques like this but I had to show you this one.
This verse is very special to me because of my Granny.
When I would go in to see Vicki, I would quote that verse to her hoping she could hear it.
I think she did!

Then as we were headed back to the room I saw the Chaplain.
I pointed and showed Vicki and told her about my "sweet hunter"
going to him and asking him to pray for her.
When we asked him to pray, he went straight to ICU!
As I was riding her in the wheel chair the chaplain
saw us and came over. The first thing he told her is how much better
she looked without all the tubes.
Then he asked her if he could pray a "thank you prayer" for her.
We were amazed that when he prayed he even remembered Vicki's name.
Vicki is now home.
She has a long recovery ahead but she is home
She is alive!!!
Thank you all for praying!!!
Please keep praying.
She is a miracle!



caknitter said…
Praise the Lord! So happy Vicki is home and improving. :-)
You're such a great friend, Val. God Bless you.
Michelle said…
Praise the Lord for your sweet Vicki. God's speed is recovery.
Anonymous said…
A walking miracle. So happy she is recovering.
Mama Pea said…
Oh, so very happy to hear that Vicki is home! Her recovery will really begin to speed up now. Yes, having so many people sending prayers and good energy her way kept her strong enough to survive this ordeal. She is so blessed to have you in her life, Val. Your faith is so strong.
Holly said…
So glad to hear she is home! I know with all of the wonderful support and the continued help of our wonderful Lord she will do great!
Shauna said…
Praise the Lord! God is good! I'll continue to pray for Vicki and for a continued miracle. Hugs.
Susannah said…
Thank you, Lord, for your kindness shown in the recovery of Vicki!

Glad you are with her, Val.
grandmarockton said…
Prayers are answered in God's way
annie said…
so thankful she is home, what a blessing the chaplain is! hugs to her & to you!
Rhonda Sue said…
I've been thinking about you all and wondering how Vicki is doing?
LeeshaSpeaks said…
Sis, what an awesome testimony! I than God that He is continuously moving and showing himself in your life.