What A Year!

Here is my best friend, Vicki showing my Mom how to crochet.
I have shown this before but this picture has a different meaning now.
Here, my Mom had been very sick. Long story short. Eyelid cancer (scary),
high potassium (very very dangerous), 2 major back surgeries, indescribable
 pain in right hand and debilitating pain in neck.

This is 3 of my grands that went with me to visit Mom one day!

I LOVE this picture. Mom is showing the grands how
the piano works on the inside. So thankful that Mom is doing
much better now. She has some issues with her hand and neck but
I am so thankful that she has come through this hard year.

Little did any of us know that Vicki would be in the hospital with something called
Legionnaires pneumonia. She is a miracle too.

Here Vicki is with her daddy visiting her at home!

This is Vicki about a week or so ago.
Doesn't she look great?
Who would have ever thought back when she was helping mom
crochet, that she would have been through all this.

I was so touched by my grandchildren praying and
loving Vicki with their signs.

I couldn't help but show you these pictures.

This little girl right here is a special little angel
with a heart of gold. Every night when Vicki was
so sick, my family prayed every night at a certain time.
We would text after we prayed. She would always text me and
let me know after she said her prayer.

This is what Vicki and Mom are both having to do right now.
I am just so thankful to have them both in my life.
They both need your prayers.
I am sorry I haven't updated my blog. I was even considering quitting blogging. For some reason I can't make my font bold or large and I am having a hard time loading pictures. But here I am trying again!
Just wanted to update you and let you know I am still here!


Anonymous said…
I miss your blogging but I understand. Glad we keep in touch through facebook. It had been a long and hard year for us. Through our Lord we have made it through. Remember you and your family are always in my prayers. How is your dad doing? Sylvia Weitzel
Anonymous said…
And we praise the Lord for His grace in your life.
Michelle said…
I have told several people, and I will tell you too. I quit using the blobber post creater a long time ago.I downloaded windows live writer. It is free, and easy to use. You don't have to be online to create your post, and the pictures go where you want them. You can change font, size, etc easily.

Glad to see your post.
CrochetnQuilt said…
Your blog is a blessing to many. Just a friendly reminder to remember Philippians 4:13. You'll get that font and photos fixed!
Allie said…
Thank goodness for facebook, lol. I'm so glad your mum and Vicki are doing so much better! That's really cute what the kids did with the signs.
Susannah said…
Val...it is so wonderful to hear from you. I wanted to write but knew you were with your Mom and Vicki! It is wonderful news to hear that both Mom and Vicki are coming along so well. See, out prayers are definitely being heard everyday. I hope your family is doing well and the kids all had a wonderful summer. I have heard you have had plenty of heat down there.

Best wishes to all,
KathyB. said…
Than-you for posting this. I am glad to see your Mom & Vicki are healing well, but even better, the prayers & loving support for them from your family, especially your grandchildren. You are blessed !
aussiequilter said…
good to see you again. I haven't been blogging myself but find great encouragement reading others. My prayers are with you and your family and friends cheers Teri
Needled Mom said…
It's so good to hear from you, Val. I am so glad to hear that both your mom and Vicki are doing better. It has been a year for you with moving and all else.
Anonymous said…
SOOOOOO glad to see you back posting! Thank you for sharing the journeys of these two precious women! Wow...Your mom really has been continuing going through the trials. I'll continue to pray! ♥♥♥
Shauna said…
You're back! Been missing you but you are constantly in my prayers! Glad to hear that Vicki is so much better and that your mom is doing well. God is good! Hugs!!
Val it has been a while since I have commented on your blog. So thankful to hear that Vicki is making such a great recovery. Take care!
I have been missing you too. So glad to hear that Vicki is doing better. I tried to comment before, but it did not seem to go through :-S
grandmarockton said…
So glad your back I've missed ya; I'll put the family (your) on my prayer list! MISSED you!