For This We Have Prayed

About 5 years ago sitting in our living room
Lane (Son in love) asked Maranda (daughter) to marry him!
And yes, we had prayed for this for years!!!!!
Then her Dad walked her down the isle
and cried the whole way down.

And then they were one.
Fast forward 4 years......... to yesterday.
We met Maranda & Lane at Ihop to eat a late breakfast.
Not anything special or so we thought.
She handed us this card and Sweet Hunter realized what it was before
I did. He immediately got up and hugged them both when it all sunk in to me.
"Sweet Hunter" always prays before our food but asked 
Lane to because he was too emotional.
After the prayer, he started balling.
When he cries, I cry.
You see, we all still have this lady, "Grandmother", my "Mother in love",
"Sweet Hunters Mother" on our minds.
She just passed away at our home on January 9.
Maranda and Grandmother are very close.
When Maranda was born, Grandmother looked at her
through the glass and Maranda lifted her head and turned it
right to Grandmother. Now to add more to this sweet story....
3 weeks before Maranda was born, Grandmother lost her daughter, Donna.
She died in her sleep. She was only 20 years old.
So Maranda was a gift from God and we all know it.
Maranda is Grandmothers Donna.
The whole family knows it.
So now you know why yesterday was so special.
Grandmothers baby (our daughter, Maranda) is having a baby!
And we found this out about 3 weeks after Grandmother passed away.
How special is that?


For this We Have Prayed!
Congratulations Maranda & Lane!!!!
....Weeping may endure for a night,
but joy cometh in the morning.


Holly said…
Congratulations! I can't wait to follow along in this journey. Doesn't God know just what we need right when we need it? He is so good.
Michelle said…
Congratulations. So happy for you!
Shauna said…
God is always on time! He knows even before we ask what we need. Sharing in your joy, Val.
Patty Sumner said…
Congratulations Val! I know the whole family is very happy. What a wonderful blessings after such a great loss....God always gives us just what we need... when we need it.. Have a great Week...Blessings!
Patty Sumner said…
Congratulations Val! I know the family must be so happy. God always knows just what we need.....just when we need it... Have a great week. Blessings!
God is so good! blessings, marlene
Nina Williams said…
Oh now I am sitting here crying like a baby tears of happiness for you all I love y'all t told Lane congratulations this morning so I'll say congratulations to you and Randy .
We love y'all
Nina Williams said…
Oh now I am sitting here crying like a baby tears of happiness for you all I love y'all t told Lane congratulations this morning so I'll say congratulations to you and Randy .
We love y'all
Jane said…
I am very happy for your family. Babies are a blessing from God
Angela said…
God is so good Valarie. So excited for all of you. Will pray for a great pregnancy. Darbee Rae was born just after we had to put Mother in the nursing home and it was such a blessing to all of us. Just what we needed at that time. Enjoy this special time with your beautiful daughter.
Anonymous said…
How sweet!! This made me tear up. I love her so very much and so happy for them both! Oh, and I hope it's born on the 6th my birthday! :) love u, Val.

Shannon Collins
Becky Garrison said…
Such a sweet story ... And your last line was right ... Joy comes in the morning! ♥♥♥
Diane said…
Such a sweet post. Does our family know how special you are?
Anonymous said…
Okay Val...I cried!!! That is the sweetest story and Praise the LORD for a new life! hugs~
Connie said…
Congratulation!!!! Happy for you all, GOD gift to you all at this time is right.
Allie said…
And I'm crying happy tears right with you darling Val, this is indeed most welcome news - congratulations!!!!
Congratulations Val! It's all in God's timing isn't it? What a sweet moment in time for you all.
Jeannie B. said…
Congratulations. I know you can make this baby a gown!
Oh my goodness, what joy and blessed event in your lives. Congrats.
Deia said…
I'm so happy for them!!! Tears of joy flood me. God knows just when to send a precious gift into our lives. He has done just that to your precious family! Love you!
I read your last three posts...good to have you back.
And thanks for visiting.
Mama Bear
Susannah said…
Oh my Heavens!!!1 A Baby for Lane and your precious Miranda!!!! That is the most wonderful news. Congratulations to the whole family. I am so happy for you all!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations!! What a wonderful gift. Nothing like grandchildren. So happy for the family!!
Needled Mom said…
What a wonderful story, Val. I am so thrilled for all of you.
Anonymous said…
I remember when they married. Congrats to all of you and may God bless.