Monday, July 7, 2014

My farmhouse Garden

When we bought the farmhouse the seller had already planted a garden
but grass had over taken it.
This is not the gardener tilling.......I'm the gardener and he is the "sweet hunter"!
But we just bought that tiller so he wanted to try it out!
He hasn't tilled since this day!!! lol

After a lot of work and replanting, this is when it started looking better!
This garden space has been used for years so the dirt is great!
This is about the only thing I left that he had beans!
I always have planted bush beans and these are white half runners!
So I put some fence posts in with my Son In Law, "Uncle B's" help.
Then I tied some string off for them to grow on.
They don't look like this now. They have grown so much that I don't know
how I am going to pick them.
(forgot to take pic!)
My first little tomato a few weeks ago!

My first little squash!


I just love having fresh vegetables.

Fried is my favorite but grilled is wonderful too!

My first green beans!!!
I sure am dreading picking them though.

The seller planted several eggplants.
The plants look rough to me but it has 2 eggplants growing on it!

My tomatoes are just starting to turn red!
I am so excited!
I cannot wait to eat a good tomato sandwich which should be this week!
When we first bought the farmhouse and saw the garden, it was so big.
I thought I could get it all planted but with everything else I am working on,
I decided  to give "sweet hunter" a surprise!
He loves sunflower seeds.
So instead of a row like I used to do, I planted him a field!!!
I can't wait to see them bloomed!
I can't begin to tell you what all we have done to this place.
I hope to blog updates soon.
Let me just say this, we started from the ground up!
We are so hoping to have the inside finished by September.
We will see!
Nevertheless, this farmhouse is "our" dream!!!!

I know I use this verse a of my favorites!

Ps. 37:4
Delight thyself also in the LORD;
and HE shall give thee the desires of thine heart.



Needled Mom said...

It looks like lots of work, but well worth it when you reap the rewards.

Angela said...

I know it is keeping you busy Val, but once finished oh my, how wonderful it will be. I hope you have a big pantry to store all the goodies from your garden! Can't wait for an update. I know it will be beautiful!!

Little Penpen said...

The garden is enough to keep you busy!!! Not to mention remodeling a house! I cannot wait to see pic's!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

What a wonderful garden! We've tried container gardening the last two years and the tomatoes are great but nothing else seems to do well for us. :( blessings, marlene

Kathy said...

Mmmmm. . . I can just taste it! Fresh garden tomato slices on a couple thick pieces of Italian bread!! Yum!

Becky Garrison said...

Val, my Mama would tell you that white half runners are THE ONLY green bean worth planting! She has planted them for many years, and while they are 'full plants', they are easier to pick than bush beans because they are up off the ground and you don't have to bend over as much.

As for the eggplant ... I've NEVER seen a pretty eggplant! LOL!

Coming back to see you again in a couple of weeks ... can't wait to see the progress!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Great looking garden! Years ago we had a garden in our backyard. I never knew summer squash could be so good until we grew our own. enjoy your bounty!

Karen said...

Oh Valarie! I want to move right now back to the south!! We hope to this Fall!!...wanted to tell you how blessed Granny is on my blog page....I have my scripture right below her reading her Bible and it blesses my heart every day to see her!! Your garden is just wonderful!!

Susannah said...

Hello Val, Your garden looks wonderful! Just makes a person feel so accomplished when having a garden. We have a pretty big one this year. The zucchini and cucumbers are coming on fast now...and the beets. Do you do the rototilling now? Be careful of your wrist. I hope your garden give you so much produce. Every year we say we need to cut back but every year it gets bigger.