Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Our Fireplaces At The Farm

This fireplace is in what we are going to make the living room.

This is the back side of that fireplace
which opens up in to what we are going to use as the dining room.

This is the left side of the fireplace in the dining room.

This is the right side of the fireplace in
the dining room looking in to the living room.

This is looking at the dining room fireplace.
On the left was a closet and on the right was a little hallway that led
you in to the living room.
It also had a little closet.

This is when we started opening it up.
We have a plan.

This is the same wall as the above picture but on the living room side.
Look at that old wallpaper.
Notice the fireplace in the living room?

Back on the dining room side.

See how we have opened the right side. You can see the closet is
gone and opened up in to the living room.
This is what it looked like once we got everything opened up
and all the stuff off the fireplaces.
Look at that 120 year old brick!
Then we had to make some decisions.
We were told by professionals that
the fireplaces were not safe.
Notice the chimney.
So we started from the chimney down
taking this beautiful fireplace down.
It was kind of sad because this was the focal point
of the living room and dining room.



I said I was not going to show any projects in the farmhouse
until I could show you the finished product but this was such a
big thing, I decided to go ahead and show you this!
We were sad about this but it had to be.
We have plans for another fireplace and now that
we made the decision..................................
We are excited!
And just so you know.......
Those 2 fireplaces are not the only ones.
We do have another one in the breakfast room!
It will look different when we get through with it
but hopefully we will not have to tear it down.
We are making progress on the farm house and will be showing more soon!
Did I tell you we are in love with our farmhouse?
Therefore if any man be in Christ,
he is a new creature: old things
are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
2 Corinthians 5:17


Patty Sumner said...

Oh Val, I know that had to be very difficult but I know what you replace it with will be just perfect. I know this old farmhouse is just tickled pink with its new family. Keep on keeping on.. Many blessings!

Kathy said...

That is too bad you couldn't save the original fireplace. It was quite beautiful. Looking forward to your continued progress. Thanks for sharing!

Little Penpen said...

I agree with Patty; this house is tickled pink to have such caring owners to give her a facelift. I can imagine how sad it was to take down the fireplace, but I look forward to seeing its replacement (or whatever you decide to do!) Can't wait to see more.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow! What a project!! Can't wait to see the finished room.

Krafty Blogger said...

What a challenging, daunting task lies ahead, but one day, when it's completed, you will be able to joyfully move into your dream home.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I hate you had to take that fireplace down! But I know it will be beautiful when you're all done. :) blessings, marlene

Kev Alviti said...

Big change, but it looks like it will be worth it in the end! Looks like a great project.

Jenn said...

Val, I have quit FB. I miss seeing your updates on there. I hope you are doing well. I never did get your newest address, so I hope you have mine and will keep in touch. Love, Jenn

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Haven't heard from you in a while. Just wanted to wish you a Happy and blessed New Year!

Alleluiabelle said...

Hi Val,

Just stopping in to say hello. I haven't been blogging too much this past year, but I'm hoping to change that a bit. My oh my, what projects you have going on here. I love to view renovations in action. I hope all is well with you and your family and I hope to be back again much sooner.

Hugs to you,

Krista S said...

Hello my friend! After a year I've made my way back from Facebook to my blog. I love seeing your farmhouse transformation over on FB. Maybe you'll have time to post a few pictures here too! Love you! Krista