Friday, April 1, 2016

Our Open Pantry

I was so excited when Sweet Hunter agreed that we could add on to the kitchen.

All I asked for was 8-10 ft. 

I wanted a walk in pantry so bad.

But I needed a bigger kitchen also.

Sweet Hunter wasn't sure this was gonna work.
He was worried about the roof line.

I was so happy to see the roof and the studs going up!

But the day I saw my kitchen door go in, I knew it was really happening.

Then it was ready for the vinyl.
But it had to wait until they did the whole house.
Either way, I got my bigger kitchen and my pantry.
Since I didn't have a room to have a separate pantry,
I decided to do an open pantry on the wall of my kitchen.
This shelf holds all my pastas, spices, snacks, nuts, beans etc.
I am so thankful. I wanted a place to store some appliances, my canned goods,
 and basically everything that would go in cabinets.

I love it because I can see it all and it is right at my fingertips!
What do you think about my open pantry?