Our Open Pantry

I was so excited when Sweet Hunter agreed that we could add on to the kitchen.

All I asked for was 8-10 ft. 

I wanted a walk in pantry so bad.

But I needed a bigger kitchen also.

Sweet Hunter wasn't sure this was gonna work.
He was worried about the roof line.

I was so happy to see the roof and the studs going up!

But the day I saw my kitchen door go in, I knew it was really happening.

Then it was ready for the vinyl.
But it had to wait until they did the whole house.
Either way, I got my bigger kitchen and my pantry.
Since I didn't have a room to have a separate pantry,
I decided to do an open pantry on the wall of my kitchen.
This shelf holds all my pastas, spices, snacks, nuts, beans etc.
I am so thankful. I wanted a place to store some appliances, my canned goods,
 and basically everything that would go in cabinets.

I love it because I can see it all and it is right at my fingertips!
What do you think about my open pantry?


Needled Mom said…
It looks wonderful and glad it all worked out for you.
Little Penpen said…
Wow! what a beautiful and awesome pantry wall! Love it!!
Panto Pam said…
Absolutely amazing! A true labor of love. There's lots of hard work lining those shelves. I know you enjoyed every minute of putting it all there and then using it to feed your family as they gather around your table.
Marie said…
Hi Val, I love to read the stories about your farmhouse. You have done so much to it and it is all good. Hugs, Marie
webbsway said…
O Val, you are a lucky lady - I love your open pantry. What a blessing.
I was happy to see you're blogging again...I love what you've done with your kitchen...our house had a little room off the laundry room, I don't know what it was intended for originally but it has a window, a fan and lots of outlets...I made it my pantry...when I was looking for a house here in 2008, I wanted one that had a mud room or separate laundry room so the cat would have a space for his litter...It is nice to have the little room because my kitchen doesn't have many cabinets....Looking forward to more from you.
Mama Bear
Karen said…
LOVE it that you are back!! I guess I am back too1!! God Bless you!! May God be your source of wisdom and courage and understanding in the days and months ahead....I still have Granny on my blog!!....your home looks wonderful and the pantry...well, it says coveting is a sin!!......Hugs!!
Jocelyn said…
I sure miss you Val. What a lovely job you and your DH are doing on the farm. I do not have facebook, so I can't keep up with you that way. Take care and keep in touch.

Hugs, Jocelyn