The Kitchen: Before & After

This is what the kitchen looked like when we bought the house.
Remember, it was built in 1887 but this kitchen had been updated in the 70's!

It was o.k. But not what I wanted.
I wanted more of a farmhouse look.
I saw the potential though. I knew I could use those cabinets.

This is what it looks like now.
We added on about 10 ft. and I was happy happy happy!

Those are the original cabinets. I just redid them.

We put a new granite countertop in.
I never was a fan of granite but I have had it in
2 houses now and I love it!

 Sweet Hunter wanted me to have an island!
I love it!
He had it custom built.
I wanted a pantry but could not figure out
how to have one so I did an open shelving pantry.
I absolutely adore it!
I will show you more on the next post.
Have I told you that I love my farmhouse???
Well, I do. 


Needled Mom said…
It looks awesome, Val. Those cupboards are really wonderful and the lighter cupboards open the whole area. Glad you are still so pleased with the farmhouse.

I was thinking about you and your mom this week as my beautiful iris bloomed. I took a picture to send to you. Happy Easter to you and your family.
Panto Pam said…
I love your beautiful kitchen and can't wait to see more! Your pantry is AMAZING!
Kathy said…
Beautiful!! that must have been a lot of work to redo those cabinets.