Therapy At The Farm

 This 12 x 60 trailer was on the property when we bought it.
My first thoughts were it might be salvageable.
But then when I went in and saw a snake skin hanging from the kitchen cabinet,
those thoughts left me and so did I!!!!
I got out of there quick!
They called this the doll house! The sellers Mother was a very well known person around town.
She was a teacher and everyone loved her.
She had died several years before we bought the farm. We bought it from her son.
She collected dolls. Lots of dolls! They were actually awesome!
Lots of treasures! Vintage stuff.
We cleaned it out the best we could. My daughter, "Trouble" helped a lot!
To be honest, I could not have done all I did without her!
She is a  take control kind of person and that she did.
I was exhausted.

We sold a lot of the stuff that was in the trailer.
I kept some but not much.
I was over it.
I think I did a post about all the dolls. I will have to look.
I might do another one since I'm starting fresh here on the blog.

We found someone to tear it down.
I will be honest I was glad to see it go.
It had never had electricity hooked up.
I think it was just used for storage.
I just couldn't see the end.

I don't know if you remember but when we bought this place
we had just lost my " Mother in Love."
I was kind of lost because for the last 7 months I had been her caretaker.
When she passed away, I didn't know what I was suppose to do.
I had grandchildren who kept me busy but I asked the Lord to help me find my place.
And he gave me the farm.
It was sweet therapy for me and kept me busy.
To be honest, we haven't stopped since we bought this place.
We are still working.

It was a good thing though. I needed it. But I am ready to slow down some now.
We haven't even took a vacation since we bought this place.
We are taking some time for a few little day trips just to get away.
I need it.
Well, the trailer came down. I actually planted a garden in its place last year.
It did really good. I was glad to see it go.
And then there were these buildings.
Tearing these down were kind of bittersweet to me but
Sweet Hunter did not like them so close to the house.
They were full too.
There was so much love in this place.
I wish I could find the picture of all the canned goods that
were in these buildings.
Sure, they were old and rusted lids and I knew they had to go,
but I also saw a lot of hard work that the Mother did for her family.
She must have loved them a whole bunch.
I agreed they had to be tore down because of rats and snakes but
I still kind of wanted to keep them.
I had in my head that they would have made great chicken coops but
Sweet Hunter was right. It was jus too close to the house.
The little garage had a great concrete floor in it and we kept that.
Our plans are an outdoor kitchen one day soon we hope.
Then there was this camper. There was actually 2.
This one could have been a small trailer but no doubt it was very old.
It was full too.

We had it tore down too.
It was right across from the big trailer.
We did save those steps.
They are on one of my chicken coops!

I'll be honest. I was glad to see the campers go too!
Little by little we have cleaned the place up.
I am excited to show you the rest of our journey.
I might show you things that are in another post that I have forgot about
but since its been so long since I have been here I am just starting where I am.

This farm has certainly been therapy for me.
God is so good. HE knew exactly what I needed.
You see, when we first were married we bought a farm.
I think we bought our first little home in 1981.
Precious Memories.
I think we have went back in time.
Its a good thing.
To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose
under the heaven...... Ecc 3:1


Little Penpen said…
You are truly staying busy! The farm was full of treasures, for sure! I like what you and hubby are doing there. I don't remember the dolls in a former post, so post again!!! I had a great aunt who was a 'doll lady'. She called her place the doll hospital, because she restored and made lots of repairs for others. When she died, her kids didn't do anything with the dolls, and I hear most of them are ruined by now. :(
Shauna said…
So glad you are back blogging!! I love reading your stories and had checked in often to see if you were back. Glad we connected on FB in the meantime.
Needled Mom said…
I would say that you were blessed with lots to occupy your mind and body. ;-)
Jocelyn said…
Wow, what an undertaking! You and your sweet hubby have done so much to the property.
Kathy said…
I found it!! June 27, 2014 post. I remembered all the pictures you posted of the farm when you first bought it and all the old treasures you were uncovering. That post has the shelf full of canning goods. I only had to hit and miss through about 4 months to find it :)