The Shed

When I decided to get started back blogging I didn't exactly know where to start
and then I remembered what Flylady says.  She says to start right where you are so
this shed is what we've been dealing with lately.
This is the way it looked when we bought the place. 
It was full of stuff!!!

We ended up tearing half of it down and using what we could.
I stored my chicken feed in silver trash cans in there.
We had a lot of outside stuff in there and all our lawn mowers, tillers, etc.

Two days ago this is how it looked.
Yep its gone!

We are going to rebuild it soon. The concrete pad will be
all enclosed.  I am so excited because I have never got to
really unpack my upstairs yet and fix it up.

There will also be a place to put all our trailers,
outside equipment, & hopefully a boat one day!
That's my little dream. We have always had a fishing boat!!!
We need some play days!
We are slowly getting all our toys back!!!

This is what it looks like today!
We are getting there!
Since day one Sweet Hunter has wanted this gone.
He had a vision of what he wanted.
Its a slow go but hopefully we can build it back soon.
I was so worried that my chickens would not understand because
they free range and they loved the shed but they are adjusting well.
I do wonder what they are thinking!
Kelly Corrigan


Needled Mom said…
I can't wait to see the remake! It should be wonderful. Nice to see you back.
Jocelyn said…
So wonderful to see you back online. Love what you and your hubby do with renovating.

webbsway said…
Wonderful to get a visit! Your project looks wonderful so far.