Sunday, September 11, 2016

Looking Back

I won't ever forget coming to the house one morning
to find my best friend pulling weeds out of a flower garden right next to the
kitchen door.
I don't know how long this garden had been there
but it had beautiful flowers in it.

We were so excited that this farmhouse was actually ours
yet, so overwhelmed not knowing where to start.
This house had so many outside doors.
You can see on the back where we had closed one up.
We eventually closed that window up too right next to it.

This is a view of the back porch.
It was a screened in porch full of stuff and lots of wasp nest.
I was glad to see it all torn down.

This is the opposite side.
This is the side of the kitchen.
Notice the antenna.
I wish I had kept that.
I think paying for t.v. is such a waste.
The seller told us that him and his brothers
would climb down that antenna pole
to sneak out of the house.
 He said they would sneak down to the river.
I loved that story.

The flower garden that my best friend, Vicki worked on ended up down here
at the bottom of the driveway.
We ended up enlarging our kitchen and
when the carpenters started they just dug it all up
and threw it aside.
I was just sick. But I got out there and got it all up and replanted it.
It doesn't look like much here but when it blooms it is beautiful.

These pictures are 2 years ago when I first planted it.
Now, I use this area to plant things people give me
until I can decide where to put them.
Its in the shade and kind of cool and down near the river.

This picture was took after we had done a lot of cleaning up.
We were taking one step at a time.
Looking back at these pictures makes me realize we have made a lot of progress.
Right now, I am trying to update my blog since I have been away so long.
There will be updated pictures soon.
Thanks for joining me on my journey going down memories lane.


Little Penpen said...

It was beautiful before, and I am truly enjoying the 'after' pic's too. Truly a labor of love!

webbsway said...

It is a beautiful home .

Marie said...

Hi Val, I love the journey with the farmhouse. You have truly made it into a beautiful home. Much love, Marie