An Ordinary Morning

We start our mornings with a quiet time.
Sweet Hunter gets up early and comes in the kitchen,
plugs his coffee pot up, and builds me a fire if it's cold.
Then I join him after he gets it all cozy.
I love our mornings.
I love "us!"
Then while he is getting ready to go conquer the world, 
I head out to feed the chickens.
And our day begins.
Then I feed Lily and let her out of her dog lot for a while,
before I let the chickens out.
It takes me about 20-30 minutes
to get my morning farm chores done.
By the way, we took her to the vet for her last boosters and
she weighs right at 36 pounds!
She's only 15 weeks old!
She's going to be a big girl!

"Sweet Hunter" feeds the cats out front every morning.
He says the chickens and Lily are mine
and the kitties are his!!!
We had so many people tell us that our cats
would kill our chickens eventually.
But they were wrong.
Some nights the kitties sleep in the coops
with the chickens.

Then I come in and get ready for the day!
Then make my bed.
See, pretty ordinary, huh?
Then I put a load of laundry in
and fold some clothes.
I try to do my ironing once a week.
It suppose to be today but not gonna happen!
(just not in the mood!)

We are not big breakfast people but I have been trying to
make something small every morning.
Some days we eat oatmeal.
But it there is a cake or cookies we just grab that.
This morning it was cinnamon rolls.

Then I head to the kitchen and straighten it up
and prepare his coffee for the next day.
He only has to plug it in the next morning!
Shall we say spoiled?
Then I try to get our supper out of the way.
Today we are having chicken enchiladas.
I usually make huge amounts but I am trying to do better on cooking for 2.
If you would like the recipe you can go Here!

Then I headed out to the garden.
I was surprised yesterday when I saw all this broccoli growing.
I thought my broccoli was finished.
Evidently not!

There were 2 heads of cabbage and some Brussel sprouts also!
That's pretty good for February!
Well, that's my morning so far.
I am hoping to make a scarf this afternoon.
We will see.
I love my ordinary days at home.
It's my favorite place to be.
I decided that while I am requesting prayer for Alyssa,
I will share something about her.
This picture is when she was younger.
(She's in the purple)
Here she is with Granny and her Sister and brother.
Granny was showing us a quilt she made.
They always loved to go to Granny's.
Since Granny has been gone her house was sold
and it doesn't look the same.
They don't take care of it like Granny did.
We rode by Granny's house one day
right after she had went to Heaven.
and "Sweet Angel" said,
"I miss Granny, don't you Gi Gi?"
She told me when she covers up with a quilt
she can feel Granny's love.

Update on our baby girl.
No change.
But I can't wait until I can tell you she
has her miracle!
Keep praying!
I am trusting and believing!


Sylvia said…
What a touching post! Still praying God's healing hand on your "Sweet Angel". Don't stop having faith, He will answer. Your life on the farm sounds so quiet and relaxing, I would love it!
Have a blessed day!
Little Penpen said…
Thinking of your sweet baby girl! I miss Granny too. I'm glad you put her in the post today!!
Becky Garrison said…
You just keep trusting and believing and we will all trust and believe with you! Praying for Alyssa and for all your family! Becky
Anonymous said…
I am so glad that I get to see this everyday. It has help me in my everyday life.
Hi Val. I haven’t checked your blog in a while and didn’t know about your granddaughter’s illness. Keeping her on my heart's prayer list, asking God for his blessings on Alyssa and all of her family.