I went out to the garden today and found lots of goodies
that I didn't even realize were there!
So I picked the Brussel sprouts
and came in and cooked them.
I had some bacon already cooked so I added that
along with butter, salt and pepper.
There's something special about
shopping right from your home.
Grilled homemade bread.
I whipped up some chocolate chip cookies!
There's just something magical about doing with what you have
and not running to the store.

I went outside and was looking around and found one of Granny's plants
peeping out of the ground.
They think it's spring but Sweet Hunter
says it's fixing to get cold again.

I think everyone knows how I love home.
My favorite thing is being at home when it rains.
I don't know why.
That's just me.
Just wanted to give you a little taste of my day.

I also had Sweet Angel here!
What an honor to have her here.
Thank you all for your sweet comments
and most of all your prayers.
We really need them.
There is no change right now.
She still can't eat and doesn't drink much.
She doesn't talk and seems so sad
which is the opposite of what she normally is.
I pray that the doctors will have wisdom and not give up
until we find the problem.
I pray for a miracle.
We need our "Baby girl" back.
Keep praying for Alyssa!


Karen said…
I am praying for your granddaughter.
Sylvia said…
Praying for your sweet granddaughter! I enjoyed your post this morning, motivated me to get up and get busy.
Kathy said…
Your food looks delicious! But I seem to have missed something about Sweet Angel! I need to go back on your blog and see what I missed.
Anonymous said…
I am praying for Alyssa.
webbsway said…
Still hoping for good news.

I couldn't believe you found fresh Brussels sprouts in your garden after all the cold we have had! You are a lucky duck!
Needled Mom said…
I'm continuing my prayers for Sweet Angel. I hope they get to the bottom of this quickly so she can get back to being herself again.
Susannah said…
Hello Val, I have been singing - "Tell me The Stories of Jesus" all morning. You know how you get sometyhing in your head and it won't stop? I keep saying prayers, too....for your sweet Alyssa.....asking for a miracle. I know how worried and upset your family must be. My great nephew, Cody is at the hospital right now having heart tests. He is 10 and at the basketball game he was playing in...well, he could not breath and was having really hard chest pains. Please Lord....bless our two children!