Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sunshine Comes After Rain (River)

The waters from the flood had went down and I went to let my chickens out when I looked over at the shed and there was a new baby!!!! Black as coal! 

Look at this baby!!! Oh my goodness!
She is perfect! Of course, when we first saw her we
didn't know if she was a little heifer or a bull.
But it didn't really matter. 
She was perfect!
We did find out very quickly that this Momma
was very very protective.
We had a fence between us while checking them out 
but that didn't matter, she charged at us.
I truly believe that if we had not backed off
she would have come through that fence.
She wasn't being mean. 
She was just being a very good mother.
I named this one. I wanted something to do with the flood.
And it hit me......River!!!!!
It was perfect!

A couple of days later Sweet Hunter found this
Momma in the woods with this little one.
She has a white face!
This Momma wasn't as protective but just led her
out in the woods if we got close.
She was still a great Mom.
She was just different.

Oh My!
Is She not beautiful?
Sweet Hunter named her.
Her name is Sunshine!
I thought that was perfect!
When you have healthy babies it makes all the 
work worth it.
Both babies are nursing good and momma's are doing great!
Sunshine does follow rain! (River)
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God Bless America!!!

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Needled Mom said...

Both babes are darling, Val. Such fun to find them.