Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!


CONNIE W said...

Nothing is better than a day spent with family & friends. Yours sounds wonderful. Love the photos!

Vickilou said...

Good Morning!
Eddie & I loved the apple butter ...YUM!!! You have to share the recipe. We visited with Eddie's family Christmas evening and shared the Japanese Fruit was also a hit! Thank you so much for the homemade treats, the "I love Lucy" card but most of all the surprise Christmas visit! It made our day to see you both. We love you both dearly! Have a restful and fun getaway!! Oh yes, thanks for not putting our picture on your blog since we were not presentable for the world to see! LOL! Great photos, though! I love your blog!! Vicki

Nichole said...

Love the family portrait on the side. You have a great looking family. The Lord has blessed your household. Your picture in this post is beautiful and leaving me wanting to have a tour of your home. The staircase is spectacular. Great blog. Thanks for visiting mine.