Monday, December 24, 2007

We Missed You

There was something missing from our Christmas party. My Sister, Brenda and her family did not get to attend. Although we had a great party, we sure did miss these family members that couldn't come. Robbie had strep throat.

We played several games and had a lot of fun. Tyler, my nephew made that Christmas tree at Thanksgiving and had all of us make little cardboard ornaments for it. He brought it to our Christmas party completely decorated. How special is that? The food was great! I will let the pictures below speak for themselves. There is a video and 2 different slideshows below. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, tea or if you are like me.....Coke and enjoy the pictures!

Randy and I were so honored to have our family in our home for Christmas!

From Our Home To Yours...... MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Angelena / CountryLife said...

What a beautiful family you have!! You have a very nice blog too!!

Merry Christmas!!

Felicia said...

Merry Christmas :)

alyssa said...

I like it

alyssa said...

I think you are nice to me I hope you had an good christmas

ALYSSA said...